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Fergie - Double Dutchess

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ms stush, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I think that rejoining the Black Eyed Peas for The E.N.D. and The Beginning was the right choice, because The E.N.D. was their most successful era and only further elevated her profile. However, waiting three years to release a solo single from a sophomore release was a misstep, as was not releasing an album off the back of that single (which was a moderate hit) and waiting another two years to release the next single.
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  2. But... still an enjoyable album, if not perfect.
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  3. Her problem was her music, LA Love as a first single for a follow up album from a debut that had London Bridge, Fergalicious, Glamorous and Big Girls Don't Cry just felt a bit... poor
  4. “L.A. love” was more than fine as a single. It did pretty well and was on trend, exactly what she needed to launch a successful album campaign after nearly 10 years away. The problem was her waiting a year and a half to release a follow up to it.
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  5. MILF $ also did fairly well too, at least on the front of going viral - but again, the complete and total radio silence for months afterwards killed any hype she had going.

    This album deserved so much better than the protracted stop-start mess of a campaign that it got.
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  6. Is there even an explanation for the massive amounts of silence after LA Love and MILF $? What was she doing?
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  7. Yeah. “Life Goes On” was really the only misstep as a single, to me. It felt neutered, cheap, and extremely un-Fergie.

    They should have released “A Little Work” no more than two months after “MILF $” alongside the album and quickly followed it up with “You Already Know”, eventually closing the campaign out with “Save It Til Morning”
  8. I feel like we got one. I know the first delay is because she decided she wanted to do a visual album, but I’m really not sure what happened after “MILF $” since she had already filmed all the videos by that point. I’m sure it probably boils down to the label not knowing how to market her/the album since she’s an older artist.
  9. Need to go listen to this album again now.
  10. "Tension" getting the worst video followed by like eight new videos will always remain iconic.
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  11. As much as I love the music video as it is, I do wish Fergie was in Enchanté.
  12. A casual winter sleigh just in time for Christmas

  13. Didn't she go indie in the middle of the album and had to fund the videos herself?
    Anyway L.A. Love remains legendaric.
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  14. We're slowly getting her videography in HD.

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  15. I'll never get over how much of a jaw-dropper the trailer for Double Dutchess was.

    Fergie didn't serve us 13 amazing music videos in a visual experience to come in at #19.
  16. I mean waiting years in between two singles that actually garnered some hype from her was absolutely foolish

  17. She did.
  18. Solo version of Don’t Lie:

  19. Wow that's so nice to hear. I wonder what the story behind it is as there is a whole two verses and middle 8 we've not heard before. I had a moment listening to that as I remember loving the song originally but as a closeted teen with a girlfriend, I felt bad enjoying it due to the lyrical content. This solo version is like full circle for me.
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  20. It's like the sister track to 'Big Girls Don't Cry'.
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