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Festivals 2011

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by absintheboy, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Jealous of everyone who'd been to Glastonbury and my sister is doing Reading so just booked tickets for Lovebox Sunday, which looks AMAZING.

    Anyone else planning on going to any others this year/?
  2. Yes! Attending the whole T in The Park weekend for my annual fix!
  3. Same with me. I already went to Rockness as well. Can't wait for T. It was amazing last year, this year will probably top it as I'm going with more people and better friends than last year.
  4. Sounds great! Sometimes the people you share the experience with can really affect your enjoyment of the day/weekend.

    And I'd love to do Rockness, but I haven't got around to it yet - it's really building up steam now! My friend went, and said it was really great for a small venue, but she was bitten alive by the midges!
  5. I wish Sweden would just move over here temporarily so I could go to Way Out West. I will eventually go to Benicàssim, too, I am adamant.
  6. The forecast says it's going to rain at T in the Park all weekend. More muddy puddles of doom in the campsite sadly.
  7. No. NO. NO!


    EDIT: Actually, 'Run The World' in the rain might be quite fun. BUT STILL.
  8. I know, my wellies are going to be disgusting, especially since I tend to drunkenly walk through the puddles without realising.
  9. RJF


    RockNess was brilliant this year, and I have no idea what your friend is talking about with the midges. I didn't get bothered once through the whole weekend. Hell, it was far too cold for them to survive at night. It nearly was for me as well.

    T In The Park... It's never interested me. I know I would probably have a good time at it, but I never feel compelled to go.
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