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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, May 5, 2016.

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  2. The show sounds like a gay queens wet dream.
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  3. I can smell the gifs and rapid decline in quality already.
  4. I demand a season revolving around the Alyssa Milano - Shannon Doherty 'Charmed' feud. Do it Ryan (be extra messy and get Shannon to play herself, she might actually accept.)
  5. I am perched. Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford?! Please let this have Mommy Dearest style meltdowns. (It's Ryan Murphy, who am I kidding? Of course it will.)

    I can't wait.
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  6. If you haven't read Bette & Joan: The Divine Feud then do so, because it is one of the funniest books ever!

    This will probably be lacklustre camp nonsense, but I hope to be surprised.
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  7. Sounds interesting. American Crime Story has turned out really well for him so hopefully he continues the streak.
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  8. I am so excited for Jessica Lange as Crawford wearing that lead weightlifter's belt!
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  9. Is Ryan actually going to be writing on this? Because if so, he's spreading himself a little thin.

    He has
    • 'American Horror Story' Season 6 which he's said they've been working on two ideas at once, so double the effort for the same result.
    • 'Scream Queens' Season 2.
    • 'American Crime Story' Season 2.
    • And now 'Feud'.
    If 'Scream Queens' ends up being a full season of the Season 1 finale-esque quality I'll be furious.
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  10. This man never sticks to making one show great.
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  11. Panjabi/Margulies for season two please!
  12. This has been the major joke I've seen on Twitter already. I'm impressed at how committed Fox/FX are to him but ACS did gangbusters so, might as well.
  13. Since E! True Hollywood Story doesn't seem to be a thing anymore I'll take Murphy's version of these campy scandals. Katherine Heigl vs. the world for season three.
  14. Oh my god, yes!
  15. Island

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    I want Teri Hatcher vs. Felicity/Eva/Marcia for Season 2, as well!
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  16. Yes. I'm gonna need the scene where the three girls attack Teri at the 'Vanity Fair' photoshoot and there is just a slow motion shot of the red swimsuit fabric falling to the ground as dramatic violin music plays.
  17. He didn't do any writing or directing on American Crime Story (I think) and was just the Exec Producer on it.
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  18. I think he only write on 'AHS' and 'Scream Queens', but look at this workload then on top of that doesn't he have a husband and a young kid?

    I worry it'll be a 'jenga' affect and he's gonna take on too much and everything will be shit as a result.
  19. Sounds very interesting, and if there is something that Ryan does well are first seasons.

    It still seems crazy how in demand he is, considering his history of ruining his own shows.
  20. Vivian Vance and William Frawley for season two please. Bring Fred and Ethel to fisticuffs.
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