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Fever High

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by IDontKnowHer, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Yeah I posted about them in the Hipsterjustice thread before I realised this was here.
    Very Bananarama esque especially on All Work, which sounds like Really Saying Something. They have an EP on Spotify also.


  2. Thanks for this - liking what I'm hearing. As you say Bananarama-ish big time.
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  3. Loving these after they appeared in my Discover Weekly.
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  4. I'd say more young Madonna-esque. Very
  5. All Work is so Bananarama it's virtually a rip-off, but I dig it.
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  6. I remember voting for them in the PJSC a while back! 'Tantalized' is so cute.
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  7. They really do sing like Bananarama, don't they?
  8. I'm discovering them today and everything's brilliant and there's an album just around the corner

  9. God I love this album. The production is great. I've had One of the Guys, These Boys and Spit It Out stuck in my head all day.
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  10. The album is bop central.
  11. The album is really great, the kind of music Icona Pop should be doing.
  12. Effortless.
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  13. Perfection!
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