Fever Ray (The Knife)

Carbon Dioxide is probably in my top 5 Fever Ray and maybe even top 5 Knife tracks which is a very competitive place to be. A true 11/10.
I know it’s Fever Ray and everything but it all feels very The Knife. Especially since Olof collaborated. I guess their last album felt very much the same way and the place they were in during the first album is very separated from the now. I still love it so much as I love both iterations! This isn’t a complaint
I hear some slight elements of the OG Fever Ray era (the one I truly loved) but I then realize that presented this way reminds me more of Shaking the Habitual era of The Knife, specifically the Shaken-Up Version of “Ready to Lose”.

Just bring back The Knife at this point.
This song is so hypnotic and oddly subdued in an interesting way. It's really bringing back to when I first discovered The Knife.
I love that it really leans into referencing one of their most mainstream tracks (Pass This On) after what feels like...ages where the very notion would turn heads, the whole package here is a big win for me.

And my god...Olof.