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Fickle Friends - Are We Gonna Be Alright? (2nd album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. This hits the spot way more than the previous singles (except Pretty Great), I hope they don’t take forever to drop the album.
  2. There’s a new EP coming out in January so no album #2 for a while.
  3. Looks like album two is being split in to three EP’s, so the one in January is part 1.
  4. 2014

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    What A Time is fantastic, whew!
  5. 2014

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    Weird Years (Season 1) EP has just become available for pre-order on their website, released 15th January.
  6. A 4 month wait for 4 new tracks...
  7. I loved how diverse the last EP was and I hope that they will continue with that sound but it's such a long wait for not so many tracks. They're going to drag those EP's straight up until january 2022, right?

  8. Why is this rollout SO bad when the music is some of their best ever?
  9. I was literally about to say the same thing. The music is so good but waiting 4 months for an EP that will have most of its songs out by then it’s atrocious.
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    Million is so great! I feel like I should've loved 92 a lot more, but this and What A Time still have me perched.
  11. Million is a great and a standout song, but 92 and What A Time failed to spark any interest in me.
  12. Million is a damn bop. I have enjoyed them ever since they first came out with Swim, to think it's just been about four or five years now is wild. We have to stan x

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  13. Million is for me among the best things they ever did and one of the very best songs of last year, but the fact it’s only two new songs is so disappointing. Still, I hope they’re ace.
  14. Another bop incoming x
  15. The EP is really good, I think the new tracks (IRL and Finish Line) might be my favorites. I just hate this release strategy ddd
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  16. Both of the new songs are fantastic.
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  17. 'IRL' is fab but I wish it was a full album alongside it.
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