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Fickle Friends - Are We Gonna Be Alright? (2nd album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. New music coming tomorrow, album announcement sounds imminent too.
  2. New single 'Love You to Death'

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Another smash!
  4. Imagine finding this on an album, unreleased. Total BANGER.
  5. The second album "Are We Gonna Be Alright?" coming January 14th.

    1. Love You to Death
    2. Not Okay
    3. Write Me a Song
    4. Alone
    5. Glow
    6. Pretty Great
    7. Load On Your Mind
    8. Yeah Yeah Yeah
    9. IRL
    10. Listen
    11. Won't Hurt Myself
    12. Are We Gonna Be Alright?

  6. WAIT at all the new stuff!!!
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  7. One of the bundle deals features a 12 track disc of the Weird Years songs.
    I'd probably consider it a 9 track album (Considering there's an acoustic performance, as well as IRL and Won't Hurt Myself being featured on the actual album), but even losing those 3 tracks, it's still a bloody solid collection.

    1. What a Time
    2. 92
    3. Million
    4. IRL
    5. Finish Line
    6. Not In The Mood
    7. Turns Me Bad ft. Nightly
    8. Cosmic Coming Of Age
    9. Won’t Hurt Myself
    10. Amateurs
    11. Eats Me Up
    12. Amateurs (Acoustic)
  8. I cant believe I was just expecting a WEIRD YEARS album with one new track and we are getting this!
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  9. If there's anything as good as Turns Me Bad on the album, I will be ecstatic.
  10. They are largely solid across the board, releasing so much new material after so much of 'Weird Years' was good is a lovely surprise!
    Can't wait for this.
  11. Same! When I asked if it was going to be a Robyn Body Talk EPs turned full album style situation their reply suggested to me it would be a mix of old and new but the fact it is mainly new is so great. Can’t wait for this, and for tour. Just wish there was a way to get the new record and Weird Years CDs without having to buy vinyls or cassettes.
  12. My thoughts exactly!
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  13. 2014

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    Yas justice for their best song

    I'm excited!!
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  14. Gonna message them.. can’t hurt! Got my ticket for London tour date.
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  15. Love You To Death is fantastic, the production goes off.
  16. 'Alone' dropping this week
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  17. Love You Yo Death has grown on me heaps, Alone is really nice, like a jazzed up elevator music song. But have we got nearly half the album now? Wish it was out on Friday!
  18. Well this is great.
  19. Their new song "Alone" is really good:

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