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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ry123, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. Great album. "Heartbroken" and "Say No More" are stand outs for me.
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  2. What do you guys think the next single should be?
  3. Considering ‘Swim’ is the current single after 700 years, I vote ‘Paris’ or ‘Brooklyn’.

    ‘In My Head’ is SO beautiful - I’m a little gutted it’s just like a mini interlude.
  4. I've hammered this album while cleaning my house top to bottom and it passes the bad singing and questionable broom dancing test.

    Seriously the album to beat this year.
    The one-two-tree-punch of 'Bite' 'Hard to Be Myself' and 'Lovesick'

  5. I've been following them for years and I'm so fucking proud right now, so happy to have seen them in a small Birmingham venue earlier this year before they blow up! My talented queens.
  6. In My Head is glorious. I almost wish it were longer but it works perfectly as a short, spare, bittersweet moment in the middle of the rest of these lush pop tracks. The way it cuts through the impeccable production of the rest of the album by being nearly acapella is genius. Those barely there, atmospheric synths work perfectly in contrast to everything else here.
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  7. I’ve tried to get into them but I think having a whole album is helping. It’s all really solid.

    They remind me of Muna most of the time. It’s very similar with a bit more Mr Sheen.
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    "Lovesick" is currently my favourite out of the new tracks. A great album overall.

    I really love the new mixes/vocals of "Say No More" and "Paris". The extra production flourishes make those songs really shine.
  9. 'Rotation' video tomorrow.
  10. Agreed. This is the perfect album for a Sunday clean. Or road trip.
  11. I was reminded strongly of the more energetic, hurried moments from the 1975 on first listen, and so was sort of pleased with myself when I read a bit more about them and discovered they share a producer!

    Anyway, a splendid album that I'm looking forward to spending more time with. A bit difficult to point to a favourite yet but "Say No More", "Rotation" and "Heartbroken" are contenders.
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  12. Today I'm obsessed with 'Paris'.
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  13. I’m so in love with the album. Glad that Paris made it to the LP, but I still prefer the rawness of the EP version
  14. In My Head could get it.
  15. Their aesthetic is so 'major label vanity project album you find in 2002 in Mister CD for £1 in bulk promo copies and realise it was released last year and went unnoticed'. That of course is a compliment.
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  16. The album is top ten in the midweeks. Hope it stays!
  17. This is the album Paramore probably wanted "After Laughter" to sound like.
  18. No.
  19. This was me in 2007 when I found this promo for £1 in a second hand record store. I actually 'yas'-ted.

    This album is still fucking me up just right.
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