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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. K94


    Why are you lot acting like they've been in development for several years or somethin? They only just formed a few months ago. They need time.
  2. I hope they do, I hate those midgets
  3. They have absolutely no stage presence, and like LA said, they need to learn to actually do harmonies.
  4. Britney's reaction has been the best thing to ever happen to them.
  5. K94


    I think it could be actually be one of the best things - they are the underdogs of the competition so more people will want to vote for them to keep them in especially when people like Britney are giving them bitchy looks and telling them they shouldn't make the final. Also, they may get some of Emblem3's votes.
  6. I've liked them since Judges' Houses but I think Simon absolutely sabotaged them this whole time. Actually, it seemed like all season, all four judges were actively working AGAINST their own acts...choosing horrible songs, staging horrible performances, and dressing them in horrible clothes. Honestly, I think Fifth Harmony has gotten by basically by staying under the radar. They've managed to be just good enough to avoid elimination but never really stood out as serious contenders. That's why it was pretty much assumed they would go home this week. They were out of acts who were worse than they were who could go home first. However, their decision to to Anything Could Happen absolutely saved them. They bought themselves a chance with that song and obviously, it worked.

    This week really showed how horrible the judges' decisions have been all season. All four of the remaining acts did amazingly well with their self-chosen songs. Clearly, they all know what they are capable of and what they want to accomplish as artists. But then they when they did their second, judges-chosen songs, I think they all really sucked. The judges seem to have such rigid ideas about what they want their acts to do and look like that I really think it hurt everyone this season. Thank God Carly is so naturally talented because I really don't think she would have lasted this long singing the weepy ballads Britney has chosen for her all season if she wasn't so freakishly good. Simon pretty much stripped Emblem3 of everything they stood for and made them the stereotypical boyband they never wanted to be. LA seemed to be openly resentful of everyone on his team and never really cared much about any of them. And Demi insisted on changing everything about her acts until they looked nothing like themselves and did songs that they never would have done on their own. It wasn't CeCe and Paige's faults that they sucked all season. Demi sabotaged them.
  7. To be honest, I thought they would be gone by the first week. They've obviously improved and can see a spark in them now. Not sure if they should win[; or if they did they would succeed though. They need a complete image make-over. I would welcome their winning. The USA needs more girl groups at the moment. Though they would probably be another Wonderland.
  8. They pretty much didn't do much for me until Anything Could Happen. More of that please.
  9. They need a little more work together but I like their chances of winning. Carly Rose Sonenclar might win but I'll be looking forward to hearing their album.
  10. I think the final two will be Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar. Carly Rose is a cute kid with a great voice and Americans' unfathomable appetite for dull Country & Western music is insatiable.

    Fifth Harmony have done well to get this far and hopefully secure a record deal. If they bring out a killer first single that radio gets behind, they have a future.
  11. K94


    I'm happy they got this far considering Simon didn't give a shit about them. I hope they come second so they don't have to sign with Simon or LA Reid.
  12. I've been behind these girls ever since Impossible at Judges Houses where I first seen actual 'female One Direction' potential. I still see that and Anything Could Happen was confirmation of it. Though I agree with whoever said they need an image overhaul. That is essential. Someone should throw caramel blonde on Ally and blacken Camilla's mane, that would be a good start.

    I'm really not sure what this might mean for Little Mix but I'm hoping the two groups can work simutaneously, sort of like how The Wanted and One Direction are doing. I, obviously, want Little Mix to have more of the One Direction side of success.
  13. There hasn't been a girl group in the US that's been relevant for more than a day since Destiny's Child...
    And I don't think these five young women will change that...
    But seeing as the UK seems to be the land of the girl group (I still can't believe how many you guys have), I think Simon thinks he can do something with them across the Atlantic...
    They kind of make me think of the Saturdays to be honest...
  14. You're sorely mistaken if you think your first sentence to be true. Pussycat Dolls are testament to that.
  15. "Nicole and a inconsistent line up of female dancers that lasted for less than 5 years and barely have any legacy to their name" aka the Pussycat Dolls, do not qualify as a girl group. America hasn't seen since a proper girl group since Destiny's Child. In 2013, I believe a girl group will be successful in America and internationally. Fifth Harmony has the potential to do it, considering their success on the X Factor USA. But I think their competition is tough with The Saturdays (+E! Network endorsement), Little Mix, and K-Pop girl groups like 2NE1 (if any of them actually attempt at crossing over).

    It really is quite an exciting upcoming year for girl groups.
  16. I wouldn't really say anyone took them seriously...
    They had a few songs that did well, but that's not to say they were liked...
    You don't really hear them on the radio anymore...
    Plus Nicole's effort at a solo career proved to be disastrous in the US...
    And there's the death threats she received during XFactor...
    And even if you do count those poor excuses for women, the point remains that girl bands have had very little presence in the US...
  17. Discounting the Pussycat Dolls? Cute.

    They were a massive international sensation, wherever they went. If they had anything, it was a global presence.
  18. Yeah but they weren't exactly respected in the States...
    Given the immense success they had elsewhere, it was a good time to live in America...
  19. I love Destiny's Child and I do agree they were one of the biggest girlgroups, but there's no point discounting The Pussycat Dolls. If you ask someone on the street to sing either a PCD or DC song, they will most likely sing Don't Cha. They were big and very successful considering radios were boycotting their songs only because of their image.

    About Fifth Harmony, I really don't see the potential. Some a great singers, but clearly they are solo singers.
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