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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I'm sure another girl group will try and fail.
  2. Ready for it. A Work From Home knockoff will still be better than most music.
  3. The formula wasn't new? The beat, the sample, the repetitive chorus (even they had done it before), the work propaganda even, it has all been done before. The song is still great don't come for me.
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  4. Sorry wasn't something new too, yet we still get Little Mix basing half an album around it 2 years later?
  5. (Scream at "don't come for me" by the way so cute)
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  6. Here we go...
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  7. What's with the LM talk then? Did I come for your faves or..? You ask why there's no copy of a song which was very much a song of its moment. There were already similar songs at the time is all I'm saying. I still thought (and think!) it's great, as I said.
    Edit: Oops got your post wrong. Sorry started a whole new trend though didn't it?
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  8. Not my fault. I get I'm not on here a lot (sue me for only being on artists I love's threads) but I wasn't the one who brought up LM out of the blue.
  9. Queen.
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  10. February 2016 and November 2016 are not 2 years apart sis.
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  11. Uk oh the diary police is here.

    Sorry was THIS year? Amazing.
  12. Sorry was released in October 2015 so you better check your dates before you come for my lipstick.
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  13. This is currently at #5 on US iTunes, and just overtaken That's My Girl at pop radio with big updates. I wonder who her next feature will be with, before the magnum opus that is the Major Lazer x Camila album comes out.

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  14. Slay momy Lis xx
  15. And that's my cue to leave.
  16. Sorry is perfect. Work From Home is perfect. Everyone is happy.
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  17. Touch is also perfect. No More Hate.
    And love songs kii
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  18. Sorry got old really quick for me, but Work From Home is still a bop.
    I'm curious to see how this will affect the group's dynamic... If this starts to blow up on streams as it is on iTunes/radio it will be really huge for her... and it's not even the Major Lazer song.
  19. When I'm not listening to Work from Home, I'm thinking about the next time I can listen to Work from Home.
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