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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

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  2. So we have around two weeks left until voting ends for the optional solo section, let me know if you wanna vote - yay or nay?

  3. No thx! Best of luck tho.
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  5. Yeah I'll get to it in the next few days!
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  6. I will if I get time, but that's a big IF because work has been crazy so I wouldn't count on it. If I don't get to it, I'll be sure to follow the eliminations and throw likes at all of it.
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  7. I think i'm gonna sit this one out. But i'll be watching.
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  8. I'm not sure, so don't wait for me!
  9. I tried this but most of my scores for those that I rated are between 4-6 so I will not participate in this section.

    I'm still interested to participate in Camila rate though.
  10. @Alouder98, don't let me be the only one supporting Ally (she clearly has the best material in this section).
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  11. Yas! I think @GhettoPrincess stans Allysus too?? Plus I doubt there's a human in the world who doesn't like the iconic ''Crash and Burn Girl'' so you're not alone.
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  12. I've only heard Lauren's stuff so far but I'll try to get round to the rest so I can participate!
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  13. I believe she stans everyone, but Lauren and Camila above all.

    See I wasn't joking...

  14. My average for Lauren is 10.125 ddd.
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  15. I will take part, ill send them in as soon as I can.
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  16. Scores and commentary sent.
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  17. Such a star! We have one song that has two 11's so far, 3 different members who have at least one 11. Think this will be a tight race in terms of averages..... let's hope I don't get too many ties.
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  18. I'm in! Will try to send my scores this weekend.
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  19. I'll do it! I probably won't have commentaries but I'll definitely do the scores.
  20. I only did commentary for about a third of the songs, maybe a little more but it was VERY brief.
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