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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Anything's better than nothing I suppose. I just never know what to say.
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  2. I usually just say something about the sound or the vocals or how it makes me feel. But as I say, it's all very brief. Even my 11 got 2-3 sentences.

    You should see some of the commentary for the America's Next Top Model rate I've been running!
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  3. Yeah I'm the same. I'm so bad at putting into words how a song makes me feel though.

    I suppose it's also hard when you're rating so many different songs at once, a lot of the time you end up aost repeating yourself for different songs.

    We must be people of few words!
  4. Considering I'm a stand up comic that's not a good thing!
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  5. Well maybe when it comes to just forum rates then!
  6. Thank you! Yeah I'm not too bothered about the lack of commentary but if you do have one for your 11 then that'd be great, no worries if not. It's always optional.
  7. Normani - 6,75
    Lauren - 7,00
    Ally - 5,60
    Dinah - 7,11
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  8. Thanks so much for votes and commentary Sprocky!
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  9. Just sent in my votes and I'm shocked that Lauren and Ally are tied for the top spot, average-wise. Dinah didn't fare so well...
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  10. Poor Dinah, love all the commentary you provided though.
  11. My 11 is alternating between two Lauren songs and I can't decide which one to award it to.

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  12. I had to decide between 2 of them but I went with the one I thought we probably be less popular.
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  13. @GhettoPrincess's response to any last second voters that don't give high scores to Ally:

  14. The answer is "Strangers".
  15. Thanks to @Sally_Harper for her votes! She also provided some amazing commentary for her 11 too. Also @Florencia. is studying abroad so it's unlikely they can vote for the solo & Camila sections.
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  16. I've just realised I've left quite a few solo Ally songs from this rate. She's gonna hammer me to death.

    This album is unavailable to me but I'm guessing Americans can hear it?

    Queen of not making her teenage demo songs available for us to rate.
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  18. When will your faves?

  19. @Florencia. has managed to come through and vote despite only having the internet for 30 mins & studying abroad. QUEEN OF COMING THROUGH!


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