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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Stanning always wins.
  2. It's going to be very interesting to see how everyone will rank Camila's songs. Looking forward to that!
  3. WaiT at Ally's early material being kind of iconic.
  4. Normani 7.5
    Lauren 7.75
    Ally 7.2
    Dinah 3.33

    Lauren and Ally have the best highlights, but also some duds, Normani is consistently good but never quite amazing... and let's just not talk about Dinah.
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  5. OMFG! I just got the Japanese version of this album. This must be the fastest ever?! I rarely get it within a week. I forgot (I guess) that the Daddy Yankee version was on that too. BOPS INTO THE STRATOSPHERE!
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  6. If we were voting just on videos, Ally would’ve got higher scores for me. Some of them were iconic.
  7. Queen of music videos.

    Poor Dinah indeed haha. Thanks so much for your votes and commentary! Not sure she'd agree, how you feeling Dinah?

  8. There's a certain song of Dinah's that's getting a 10 from me that probably shouldn't be.
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  9. I wasn't here for her in general but still have one of the songs a 9.
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  10. I'll close voting at midnight on the 15th, today GMT. If that's a problem for any people left to vote then let me know. I can slightly adjust it if so.
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  11. I'll have my votes in this evening!

    The Solo Career Horror Story

    5 Girls.....






    1 Final Girl

    Oh wait, we already have one girl who's gonna be in the sequel after being kidnapped from the group for solo purposes......


  13. PM Friendly List:


    Never Be the Same
    All These Years
    She Loves Control
    Havana feat. Young Thug
    Inside Out
    Real Friends
    Something's Gotta Give
    In The Dark
    Into It


    Crying in the Club
    I Have Questions
    OMG feat. Quavo
    Shawn Mendes - I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Machine Gun Kelly - Bad Things
    Cashmere Cat - Love Incredible
    Pitbull & J. Balvin - Hey Ma/Spanish Version
    Major Lazor feat. Travis Scott & Quavo - Know No Better
    Lin-Manuel Miranda (For Puerto Rico) - Almost Like Praying
    Grey - Crown


    Scar Tissue

    Voting Open! Closes February 16th.​
  14. Yas, I haven't got around to listening to her album yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
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  15. I am so excited for Camila's rate! I have a feeling my commentary will be quite long for some of the songs.
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  16. So which girl and solo song falls victim to us voters/killers first? Well this is aptly titled.....

    This One’s For You Haters
    Average: 3.363
    Highest Scorer: 7 x 1 - @Sprockrooster
    Lowest Scorer: 0 x 1 - @soratami


    Favourite Bit: The verses
    Worst Bit: The message behind it, the chorus

    This could've been some diva bop about not being bothered about some haters but unfortunately we were left with a rather dreary dedication to them instead. It's kinda making me giggle that it's the first song out. "Thank you for making me famous" are some of the special lyrics you can find in this song. Dinah sounds nice but it's kinda reminding me of a YouTubers attempt at music rather than something a serious music artist should be singing. Well done Dinah for getting a song rated lower than the group's lowest elimination Anything Is Possible.

    bleedingheart80 (6) is cute even when she dislikes something "I hate giving Dinah's songs low scores because I love her voice, but man, these songs are not very good at all. This one is boring and has another cringe-worthy title."

    DJHazey (4) isn't feeling the vibe "Ugh, this one drags on forever. I wish it was more upbeat 'name and shame' type song for the haters."

    Sally_Harper (3) wishes there was a different message but can't get behind it currently "Oh, for fuck’s sake. This is actually really nice as a song, but the lyrics and theme are so bloody stupid I can’t bring myself to reward it with a higher score. If it was the same tune with lyrics about LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE we’d be in business."

    HollyDunnSomething (1) "Keep it."

    soratami (0) might be proud to be the biggest hater here "Dinah, sis…"

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  17. I honestly got so much second hand embarassment from that song.
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