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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. So this tie brings us another victim.....

    #7 (TIE)
    Sing To You
    Average: 6.272
    Highest Scorer - 8 x 4 (@Sprockrooster, @bleedingheart80, @ohnostalgia, @soratami)
    Lowest Scorer - 3 x 1 (@Sally_Harper)


    Favourite Bit: Normani’s emotive vocals especially in the chorus
    Worst Bit: It sounds like a demo for a track that no artist picks up.

    I love her vocals on the chorus here and it's nice to hear an original song from her even if it sounds like a demo track that no one ends up using. Still I'm sure Normani has some more solo tracks in the works, in fact there's an upcoming track called Love Lies with Khalid on the Love, Simon soundtrack which is getting released in March so fingers crossed it'll be good.

    Sprockrooster (8) "Actually a bit of a grower."

    bleedingheart80 (8) thinks she sounds different but that's probably cos her voice was slightly younger "Oh wow, Normani sounds divine. Weird that her voice sounds different than when she's singing with 5H (or maybe it's just my tone deaf ears). The song is boring, but I don't have enough words as to how gorgeous Normani sounds here."

    soratami (8) was a fan "Beautiful song, great way to start this list."

    DJHazey (4) didn't enjoy that chorus "Could be the video I was viewing but it starts out fine and once the chorus hits the song seems to fade away."

    Sally_Harper (3) wasn't feeling the High School Musical vibes "This is like something Troy and Gabriella would sing to each other, only crap."

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    #15. Fake Love x Sneakin’ - 5.272
    #14.Say It - 5.363
    #10. Don’t Touch My Hair x Cranes in the Sky - 5.909
    #7. Sing To You - 6.272
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  3. So it's the battle to be the final girl and we lose an 11 next......

    #7 (TIE)
    All Right There
    Average: 6.272
    Highest Scorer - 11 x 1 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest Scorer - 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)​


    Favourite Bit: It's cute.
    Worst Bit: It's cute.

    Hmm this is a little bit too Disney soundtrack for me but it's cute and it's nice to see some visuals in this rate. It's pleasant but it seems a little "this will do" rather than screaming solo material worthy of a music video. Don't hammer me Queen Ally.

    DJHazey (11) knows it's all about me, me, me "Wasn't sure at first until the melded-together melodies in the chorus started to carry me away, add in the cute little "me-me-me" and I'm sold."

    bleedingheart80 (8) is ready for Queen Ally's debut album but have you listened to her debut The Hits? Queen of the hits that weren't hits. Check it out on Spotify now "Aww, this is such a cute song! I have never been the biggest Ally fan, but there's no denying the girl can sing. Her vocals are on point in this song. If/when Ally releases an album, I'd most likely give it a listen. That goes for the rest of the girls."

    Sally_Harper (6) gave extra points for the music video, so take note..... if you release solo material have a music video and you'll get extra points! "She sounds really lovely on this. Otherwise it’s the sort of vaguely boring but inoffensive song which would usually get a five, but I gave this an extra point because I WAS NOT EXPECTING AN ACTUAL PROPER VIDEO. Amazing."

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  4. The results so far.

    Top 5

    Lauren Jauregui

    Marian Hill - Back To Me
    Halsey - Strangers
    Steve Aoki - All Night

    Ally Brooke

    Lost Kings feat. A$AP Ferg - Look At Us Now



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  5. Yikes, I thought my 11 would get more love than that!

    I'm happy that Normani and Dinah finished last, but this is literally a 9 and a 10 (Ally) vs. a 7,6, and 5 from Lauren, so you know where my rooting interests are.
  6. Just quietly watching the results to make sure the right winner is awarded. (Strangers).

    Good for Ally though for being one of the last 2 girls standing.

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  7. Let's get All Night and Look at Us Now out next and have ourselves a flawless top 3.
  8. I didn't know Pixie Lott was a member of Fifth Harmony.
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  9. Iconic.

    #5-#3 are happening tonight and then the final battle will be tomorrow.
  10. #5
    Average: 6.727
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 1 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest Scorer - 1 x 1 (@HollyDunnSomething)


    Favourite Bit: The attitude.
    Worst Bit: A bit clunky.

    Out of all the girls, it kinda makes sense that Ally would give us the pop rock solo song. This actually makes me giggle a little bit "NO MORE CAKE FOR YOU!" and the attitude given in the song is good but the production is rather dated. Also the lyrics make it a bit clunky in places but considering this is pre-Fifth Harmony I think it's a solid take on the teen pop/rock song.

    DJHazey (10) was Allyfied "LOL that chorus is mouthful and shouldn't work, but the wonky whoa-oh-oh are perfect bop central elements. Her diction in the "hear-it" is also winning me over. What a teen-pop styled gem."

    bleedingheart80 (9) is getting peckish "What is this?! Ally totally rocking it, that's what! Now I want some cake and I'm gonna damn well eat it, too."

    Sally_Harper (9) gives me hope for a Guilty Pleasure type album for Ally one day, let me dream and gives props to her comedy chops "My first thought was, why is Ally trying to be Guilty Pleasure-era Ashley Tisdale? But I can’t pretend I’m not enjoying it. “No more cake for you” actually made me cackle. Queen of funny break-up bops."

    soratami (9) went from WTF? to hells yeaaaaah "At first I was like "What the hell is this?", a bit later I was boping. Early/Mid 00s Disney pop-rock realness."

    HollyDunnSomething (1) didn't want the cake "I do not like this sound for her at all."

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    That song is honestly so iconic.
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  12. Queen of the hammers has fallen victim..... meaning our final girl is Lauren! Of course.

    Lost Kings feat. A$AP Ferg - Look At Us Now
    Average: 6.909
    Highest Scorer - 9 x 2 (@DJHazey, @bleedingheart80)
    Lowest Scorer - 4 x 3 (@GhettoPrincess, @aniraz, @soratami)


    Favourite Bit: The most well produced song that Ally's given us so far.
    Worst Bit: Annoying.

    I really wish I liked this more, the production is far better than most of her other songs but I just find it annoying! EEEK..... Don't hit me with your hammers, Ally fans. I think it's the vocal effects and it's the wrong kind of bop for me but I'm not surprised to see it come out on top for her here. I would love more Ally songs but she seems to be severely underrated within the Fifth Harmony fandom.

    DJHazey (9) wants to rename Ally the Queen of solo bops "Kind of figured Ally would be best equipped to provide my kind of bops on her own. It's not perfect, but with the competition this is a real banger in comparison. Bit of sleepy wave-like melody to the chorus that I've heard probably too many times, but it usually works for me."

    bleedingheart80 (9) wasn't feeling the baby voiced Ally vocal effect "Why does Ally sound like a child in this song especially during the pre-chorus? It doesn't sound appealing. Stop with the baby voice. Despite that, I'm kinda digging this song. Great chorus. It doesn't get a full 10 because I don't care for the rap portion. Why do artists feel the need to insert a rapper into every fucking song these days?"

    Sally_Harper (8) wants more Ally "This is cute, but I’d prefer it to be just Ally!"

    HollyDunnSomething (7.5) won't be joining the Ally Fan Club "This one sounds like fun, the only one in Ally's section that I might listen to again."

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    #19. Crash and Burn Girl - 5.090
    18. With You - 5.136
    #7. All Right There - 6.272
    #5. Cake - 6.727
    #4. Lost Kings feat. A$AP Ferg - Look At Us Now - 6.909 ​
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  14. So the final girl Lauren takes over the Top 3, which song misses out on the final battle?

    Marian Hill - Back To Me
    Average: 7.272
    Highest Scorer - 11 x 1 (@HollyDunnSomething) 10 x 1 (@soratami)
    Lowest Scorer - 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)


    Favourite Bit: The production is repetitive but effective, the song is a grower
    Worst Bit: Not Lauren’s vocally shining moment.

    This song has grown on me with time but it's definitely not Lauren's strongest collaboration to my ears. Her vocals sound a little off in places but generally they add a lot to the song. Not sure if Marian Hill really made an impression on me in this song but it's definitely a grower and has a very interesting vibe about it that can hook you back into listening when in a certain mood.

    HollyDunnSomething (11) picks this as their Lauren fave so far "I'm assuming that any Lauren stans will be giving their 11 to Strangers but honestly this is the one for me. Lauren's voice really suits the Marian Hill sound and I just love the overall vibe."

    soratami (10) was entranced "BO-BO-BOP"

    DJHazey (7) "Starts out having me like "Okay, this is more like it" but kind goes off the rails a bit by not really having a real hook to it. It's one of those songs that could eventually win me over as a low-key chill fav though."

    Sally_Harper (7) "I like this but I don’t love it - the stuttering effects and repetition get on my nerves after a while. However, Lauren’s “so soft and cryptic, OHHHHH while you listen to the music” is one of the best things that has ever happened to my ears."

    bleedingheart80 (6) agrees with me on the vocals "Not a fan of this one, but Lauren sounds good, I guess. Doesn't really showcase her vocals that well."

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  15. I can't at All Night making top 2 when it's not even one of the best 10 songs here.
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    All Night

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  17. My 11 is here but good with both winners.
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  18. If Strangers doesn’t win, I’m blaming @Sanctuary for not voting.
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  19. What a perfect top 2, these were the two songs I couldn't pick between to award my 11 to.
  20. Let's be real though, it's the most obvious rate winner since... Work From Home.
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