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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. A Lauren top 3 feels right. Now if only she would get on with it and start her solo career.
  2. #2
    Steve Aoki - All Night
    Average: 8.272
    Highest Scorer - 11 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Fantasy) 10 x 3 (@HollyDunnSomething, @bleedingheart80, @Sally_Harper)
    Lowest Scorer - 5 x 2 (@DJHazey, @soratami)


    Favourite Bit: The verses.
    Worst Bit: The chorus.

    A bop! She sounds glorious on those verses and I could imagine her doing more features like this. The chorus is slightly weak but when she ad-libs all over it on the final chorus then I find myself really into it. It is generic but Lauren's vocals really do add a lot to it. I do have to say that the music video is a MESS though but at least we got one.

    Sprockrooster (11) was loving those ad-libs enough to give it his 11 "Normally not so big on Steve Aoki, but this is such a lush production that elevates Laurens' vocals easy for me. Those adlibs in the middle-8/outro really lifted the song to the 11."

    Fantasy (11) says the truth about Lauren's vocals "I wanted this to be a hit for Lauren so bad because it’s my absolute favourite solo 5H song. Steve’s production is great and Lauren’s voice sounds so good on dance music (well in any genre let’s be honest)."

    HollyDunnSomething (10) makes me wanna have a vodka haze "Great vocal on this, I can imagine dancing to this at like 3am in the midst of a nice vodka haze."

    bleedingheart80 (10) is waiting for that solo album. YES! Hurry up Lauren "Wow. A Lauren-only song and it's as amazing as expected. Hearing this just makes me want her to release a solo album already."

    Sally_Harper (10) is under a spell when it comes to Lauren's vocals "This ten is entirely because of how hard I stan for Lauren’s voice on this song, and I don’t care how lame and fangirly that makes me sound. If it was anyone else singing I probably wouldn't like it, or at least not enough to give it a ten, but such is the power of Lauren. She sounds absolutely AMAZING throughout, especially the “got me paralysed” section. How does she DO that?"

    DJHazey (5) doesn't like the generic dance structure "About as generic sounding as it gets. Lauren just can't save the song's structure/production."

    soratami (5) also points out it's flaws "Another mega-generic song, the only good thing about it is Lauren."

  3. There really was no competition for the number 1 spot.

    Halsey - Strangers
    Average: 10.045
    Highest Scorer - 11 x 6 (@GhettoPrincess, @aniraz, @bleedingheart80, @Sally_Harper, @ohnostalgia, @soratami) 10 x 3 (@HollyDunnSomething, @Sprockrooster, @Fantasy)
    Lowest Scorer - 6 x 1 (@DJHazey)


    Favourite Bit: All of it.
    Worst Bit: Nothing.

    What a special song. I so wish that they decided to promote this properly with a music video and more. It's literally magical. Halsey and Lauren's voices are beautiful together on that chorus.

    When I wake up all alone
    And I'm thinking of your skin
    I remember, I remember what you told me

    Said that we're not lovers, we're just strangers
    With the same damn hunger
    To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all

    It's a beautifully crafted song which bravely doesn't shy away from the LGBT theme and proudly comes out with a love story that bisexual or lesbian girls can relate to. In fact that's why Halsey asked Lauren to be on the song and the two come together to make something very interesting and gorgeous. If Lauren's album was to follow with more songs like this then I'd be so down for it.

    bleedingheart80 (11) proudly gives this full points "The only song that deserves that 11, honestly, and probably the best song on Halsey's album. Lauren and Halsey sound perfect together and I hope that they collaborate more. When Lauren starts off her verse, I ascend to heaven every single time."

    Sally_Harper (11) gives me some of the most gorgeous commentary and I think it speaks for itself "Now. I may be about to get all uncool and heavy, as Neil from The Young Ones would say, but this score isn’t just about how much I love the song, or even the fact that Lauren’s adlibs alone are life-changing. As a big raging lesbian, the one thing that pisses me off in music is how many songs by women refer to “boy” “he” “him” “his” etc, and how they change the pronouns if they cover a song about a girl. It’s irritating as hell as the fact I can’t identify with that at all means it has a real record-scratch effect on me. How am I meant to relate the song to women while that’s going on?! So, back when this was released and I heard it open with “She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth any more” it was a bit of a FINALLY, A SONG FOR BIG OL’ GAYS LIKE ME moment, and I was already well on the way to being sold. It’s about two women, but it’s not about the fact that it’s about two women. Excellent stuff. Then Lauren’s verse happened. This was the first time I have ever heard a female artist I like sing about a girl, and the fact that she’s openly bisexual made it even better. And when I say even better, I mean that the first time I heard it I cried. And I’m 27. Representation is so so important, even in stuff like song lyrics, and this was the best kind. TL;DR gay Lauren is the best Lauren and if she ever does an album I want it to all be like this."

    soratami (11) gives us the tea, Halsey is good on this song but Lauren is better of course "Obvious 11. One of the songs that made me realise Halsey is actually not that bad… but obviously Lauregend is the highlight."

    HollyDunnSomething (10) is wondering whether they should listen to more Halsey songs "I've literally never heard a Halsey song other than this, it's so fucking good."

    Sprockrooster (10) isn't such a Halsey fan but appreciates how much Lauren brought to the duet "Not a fan of the first verse, which is a bit of a mood killer and it cost it the 11, but Lauren really took it home on her verse. Amazing middle-8 too."

    Fantasy (10) describes it perfectly "An absolutely perfect 80’s inspired synth-pop bop."

    DJHazey (6) is our lowest scorer and most of that is due to Halsey's vocals "I have issues with Halsey's voice and being the wrong kind of 'nasally/echoey' sound, so this was always going to be an uphill climb."



    #14. Ty Dolla $ign - In Your Phone - 5.363
    #3. Marian Hill - Back To Me - 7.272
    #2. Steve Aoki - All Night - 8.272
    #1. Halsey - Strangers - 10.045​
  5. Amazing!! @GhettoPrincess and her rate with 10+ average does it again!!
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  6. Thanks to all you lovely people who voted, I think we have a very worthy winner out of it.

    Optional Solo Section Results:

    #22 Dinah Jane - This One's For You Haters
    #21 Trey Smoov feat. Dinah Jane - Dream Boy/Dream Girl
    #20 Dinah Jane feat. Stunna June - All 2 U
    #19 Ally Brooke - Crash and Burn Girl
    #18 (TIE) Ally Brooke - With You
    #18 (TIE) RedOne feat. Daddy Yankee, French Montana & Dinah Jane - Boom Boom
    #16 Dinah Jane - I Want You
    #15 Normani Kordei - Fake Love x Sneakin'
    #14 (TIE) Normani Kordei - Say It
    #14 (TIE) Ty Dolla $ign & Lauren Jauregui - In Your Phone
    #12 Dinah Jane - Girl Time
    #11 Dinah Jane - No Rush
    #10 (TIE) Normani Kordei - Don't Touch My Hair x Cranes in the Sky
    #10 (TIE) Dinah Jane - Just A Dance
    #8 Dinah Jane - Dancing Like A White Girl
    #7 (TIE) Normani Kordei - Sing To You
    #7 (TIE) Ally Brooke - All Right There
    #5 Ally Brooke - Cake
    #4 Lost Kings feat. Ally Brooke & A$AP Ferg - Look At Us Now
    #3 Marian Hill x Lauren Jauregui - Back To Me
    #2 Steve Aoki x Lauren Jauregui - All Night
    #1 Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui - Strangers​
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  7. Yes, it really deserved to win. Charitable queen Lauren allowing Halsey to win a rate in PJ for the first and probably only time.

    Now I want to see if Havana will also get a 10+ average in the third section.
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  8. Disgusted with those results. Poor Ally.
  9. Delighted with the winner, obviously. Thanks @GhettoPrincess for such a fun and speedy part 2!

    I will be getting Camila's album next week so I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm intending to vote in her section too so I'll do my best to get acquainted with it quickly!
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  10. I already did Camila's album as a 'live first reaction review' into @GhettoPrincess's PM, so now I just need to do the extras.
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  11. I missed the deadline (and also lowkey Lauren is the only other one with good solo material kii) but I'll be voting in the Camila section.
  12. Yasssssss at Lauren being the only girl in the top 3.

    Very happy with the top 3, all 3 were my 11 contenders so I would have been pleased with whatever outcome from the 3 of them.
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  13. Lauren making up the top three is pretty awesome, but I kinda wish Ally was able to sneak in in there with her Ally-ness. No surprise that Strangers won. Very happy with the result!

    Now on to Camila!
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  14. I missed the first two parts but I'll probably vote in the Camilla section. Havana>every other song in the rate (all sections of it). By far.
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  15. Averages for Camila:

    Average: 8,3 (3x 10 // 1x 6,0)

    Extra's + Unreleased
    Average: 6,9 (2x 10 // 1x 3,0)
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  16. Reading @Sprockrooster's commentary for his 11 was an unexpected special moment today, can't really go into details or it'll spoil things but wow.

    February 16th. If that suits you?
  17. Oh plenty of time. I may need a reminder a week before but that date gives me plenty of time to listen to the album a few more times.
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