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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Ally with the good news.

    5H’s Ally Gives Album Update

    At the Republic Records-FIJI Water Grammys afterparty at Catch LA on Feb. 12, The Weeknd was toasting a stellar Grammys performance, James Corden was noshing, and Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez was visibly nervous before greeting Stevie Wonder. The night before, Hernandez was at celebrity-gift-bag extraordinaire Gavin B. Keilly’s pre-Grammy lounge at the McLaren Auto Gallery in Beverly Hills, raving about the direction of the girl group’s next album.

    "We’re in the studio, working really, really hard,” she said. "We’re able to write more on this album. For the first time, we’re having a lot of creative control and input, and that is something we are so, so excited about. We’re very happy to be in control of it and to have our voices really on it through the lyrics, through the writing, [which is] something we’ve never really been able to do before as a group."

    They are working with mainly urban producers for now - they have snapchatted or been insta tagged by/with people that worked for ANTI and Lemonade tracks for example, let's see.
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  2. I'm here for their "Welcome To The Dollhouse".
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  3. Urban producers? Budget has been lowered then.
  4. "People that worked on Anti and Lemonade" doesn't sound like budget cut to me.
  5. Uh...
  6. Let's wait and see. I do hope they get top notch writers and producers, but after many years of watching many acts mention "urban and alternative producers" it usually means pretty unknown figures. Hope to be proved wrong, though.
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    That in itself doesn't really mean anything with regards to the quality of songs that they come up with though, it's a win all round if they work with someone relatively untested and they come up with a smash hit single, no? Anyway, I'm intrigued to see how good this album turns out to be with it seeming like all the members are doing the most to improve their individual profiles, I think they might half ass this as much as everything else they do and this'll be the last one but I'm hoping they can rise above those expectations and give us something as instant and catchy as Work From Home and work through their issues.
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  8. Hope that does come true and I do agree, it will be a win/win situation if they do hit it out of the park with a relatively unknown producer. It is just disheartening to see some record companies shift their economic support to someone else, the very minute something happens to an act like this, which is kind of unfair.
  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I mean, when the news of Camila leaving was announced, my immediate concern was that they'd be dropped and quietly split up because it really seemed like the label only ever had an interest in Camila (pushing her as the lead singer) and because the other four were invariably a mess for different reasons in their performances and don't exactly exude charisma in interviews, the whole thing just spelled out "cut your losses" to me... the fact they're 1) still together as a four piece and 2) getting to put out a third album at all is sign enough that the label has confidence in the remaining four so I don't think they'll have cut their budget particularly, when the easiest thing to do if they weren't interested would have been to just bury the other four's careers until public interest had moved on and then drop them.
  10. We probably have snaps and instas with urban producers because that's how those tracks get made, in the studio, vybin, see what works, jamming, taking chances etc.

    While big pop tracks from say Max Martin camp, you get sent the track, you record vocals and they place them on top. What you gonna snap?
  11. I'm genuinely curious how much you think JR Rotem in 2015, Tommy Brown, Flict, Monsters & Strangerz, and bulk-discount Stargate tracks cost if you're worried some big budget they supposedly had got cut.

    They've always been a bit cheap. They only got the Dr.Luke secretly produced Ammo track "Work From Home" cause he Prescription Songs A&R'd their album.

  12. Kii if it's Ally.
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  13. One of them is doing Dancing With the Stars!? I'm out.
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  14. DWTS is career suicide.
  15. Doesn't DWTS clash with the Asian leg of the tour?
  16. Ok but that is like all the people that write/produce music in America
  17. Just checked and no dates on Mondays, so it's doable.
  18. They would have zero time to actually ...learn the dances though.
  19. Ally coming for that soccer mom audience.
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  20. Watch it be Camila.
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