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Fifth Harmony

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. No one is pitting Lauren and Normani against each other so I don't know what you're talking about.
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  2. I always get SO MUCH enjoyment watching all of their Worth It live performances because Lauren just does not give a fuck since she doesn't even sing one line in the song. Yes, she'll put the microphone near her mouth, but she wouldn't sing at all and it never fails to crack me up. You do you, Lauren.
  3. RainOnFire

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    I think it was @Jeffo who mentioned it earlier, but I don't think these girls ever received the right amount of credit they deserved for the sheer hustle they put in for the last three years. Obviously there were a plethora of issues from the get-go that would prevent them from properly establishing themselves as a long-term viable pop act, but the fact that they even managed to score a handful of hits, including one that has become a decade-defining girl-group classic, should seriously be acknowledged. They were five mismatched teenage girls cobbled together on a DOA reality singing show - they had so much to prove and everything to lose.

    I'm gonna miss them. They provided a lot of...comic relief to the pop scene (ddd) but they really were dependable on providing smart, tightly produced bops in a way that a lot of teen acts and their counterparts simply fail to do. And I find that to be especially commendable considering the aforementioned hustle and struggle to prove themselves - it's a miracle they didn't end up with a discography full of rejects and knock-offs like you'd assume given where they started from but strong, sharp pop/R&B music in its own right.

    It's disappointing that they petered out commercially just as quickly as they began, but at the very least they're going out on a musical high. How many girl-groups get to say that their last single is as downright glorious as He Like That?
  4. As only a casual fan of the group Normani is the one with the most star power and solo potential. I don't see it for Lauren and Dinah. Ally gives me 'co-hosting The Real within 12 months' vibes.
  5. I don’t see Normani having much star power, and I’m not sure how she’ll stand out as an artist.

    Lauren, on the other hand, is one to watch. If her team plays their cards right, she has it in the bag.
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  6. I was surprised to see Normani getting the song with Khalid. I totally thought Lauren was going to blast next. I hope we will see her going somewhere good and popular soon. Her personality is everything to me. Have to say I grew to like them all together.
  7. I wasn’t because you just know the good sis Khalid’s first demos were covers of Miss Moving On and Me & My Girls.
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  8. I wonder if they'll ever reunite with Camila, far away in the future. Her solo success and Work from Home/Worth It would be the only incentive for the public to care for a full on reunion.
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  9. It's weird but Lauren already has 4 collabs out.
  10. None of this would have happened if they'd release "Like Mariah".
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  11. Of course they will. All departing members crawl back eventually.

    When has it not happened?

    In five years they'll announce a reunion tour with Camila and say it was never the same without her.
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  12. Has anyone read this Metro article?

  13. First dibs on all the potential hits? I'm pretty sure Camila co-wrote her album unless it's about some of her unreleased tracks but still it's a bit of a reach. I just can't imagine songs for a girl group being sent to Camila and vice versa. The different sounds they both went for would back this up. Also of course Camila has had more promo opportunities and financial backing because she had a pretty major hit the past year. The album has done pretty well etc. If Havana hadn't of happened then it would have been more fair to compare.

    I can understand the label issue as I don't think they've been happy with Epic for quite some time anyway.
  14. That article is ridiculous. Both acts released great albums that sound nothing alike. I don’t buy what they’re selling at all.
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  15. Dddd they're never getting back together.
  16. That's such a Beyonce response...
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  17. I don't buy the article but it could be a spin on all the high profile collaborations she scored early on in the solo process. For the record a Camila track is supposedly going to Little Mix, and a Little Mix track went to Dua, so reworking a song from group to solo or vice versa isn't unreasonable.
  18. We know from the leaked texts with Roger that the collabs with Shawn, MGK, etc. were always for her. Roger mapped out this strategy to widen her radio appeal.
  19. I was thinking more of the sessions with Pharrell, Max Martin, etc., but in any event I agree that they were the result of Camila and/or her management going out and getting them. But that might not be how everyone close to 5H sees it. There's quite an interesting assortment of characters surrounding them.
  20. We only have Little Mix left. If BBC or ITV or whoever, FOX or someone had any common sense, they'd get PCD back together and do another girl group show, or get Diddy to make a new band. There's an open market out there that only Little Mix can fill at the moment.
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