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Films About Boys Who Love Boys

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Worse than the last one?? I absolutely stan but thought It's Only The End Of The World was.... not it. Curious to see this one!
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  2. I think 'It's Only The End Of The World' gels together better than 'Donovan' does. It also has a stronger soundtrack, fitting the scenes: Grimes, Exotica and O-Zone. Some of the characters weren't 'likeable', but the performances were strong.

    'Donovan' is still solid though.
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  3. Currently watching Beautiful Thing, one of the best films of the genre an all time favourite of mine, amazing cast and soundtrack!
  4. Are there any NEW films/shows coming about boys who love boys?
    I feel like there was a flurry of stuff last year and the year before, but now it's all a bit quiet on this front.
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  6. He


    Karamo... why. He's so annoying.

    Edit: he's playing himself

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  7. There’s so many movies here that I need to see! I noticed that some of my favorite gay themed movies haven’t been mentioned yet (as far as I could see) so here are some of my top choices from the last years.

    1. And Then We Danced (2019)
    A wonderful movie about two dancers in the Georgian national dancing ensemble who fall in love. It was subtle, had wonderful dancing in it and some powerful scenes that dealt with masculinity in the conservative Georgian society. It’s worth seeing alone for the scene that features Honey by Robyn.

    2. A Moment In The Reeds (2017)
    A Finnish student visit his father during the summer to help him work on his summer cottage. When he gets there he connects with a Syrian refugee that his dad has hired to help them. A beautiful movie that deals with both coming back home to a small town and being a refugee in a new and very different country.

    3. The Wound (2017)
    A quite complex love story between two South African guys. They meet at a traditional circumcision ceremony retreat that one of them is forced to mentor at by his father because his father thinks he’s too soft. The two mentors then starts having a secret relationship. An interesting take on male circumcision and toxic masculinity.

    4. Giant Little Ones (2018)
    A very basic plot about two students in the school swim team who ends up in bed a drunken night. It was surprisingly non-cliche though and with a heartwarming friendship subplot. I really didn’t think I would like the movie so it was quite a nice surprise. Also a great soundtrack!
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  8. Haven’t heard of those, thanks!
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  9. I loved this film. It's absolutely adorable........

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  10. I'm watching Mario right now.
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  11. This one looks good, definitely gonna check it out!
  12. I have this now on Blu-ray and it still breaks my heart every time. I know it's linked to things that I had before, but it makes me feel so many things. I'm so happy to have it and the soundtrack still, even twelve years later.
  13. Downloaded Mario only to realise there is no English subs. This will be interesting.
  14. Just Google the subs. They are available, as I watch with subs.
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  15. Just purchased Beach Rats on iTunes. Hope there's a lot of nudity.
  16. Hardly any, oop.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. jtm


    One good scene though but you‘ll need the pause button I‘m afraid..
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