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Films About Boys Who Love Boys

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Just finished I Am Michael.
    Next on my list are At The End Of The Day and Uncle Frank.

    I'm looking for any other LGBTQ+ movies where the sexuality/faith dynamic (or conflict, but doesn't have to be) is explored - suggestions welcome, especially if non-English language.
  2. So so so so good!!
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  3. I would love to hear some recommendations on the above too! I haven't seen it in 20+ years, but saw "Priest" many years ago and thought it was well handled, if not a little heavy handed. No idea how well it/I have dated though.
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  4. Any recommendations on films with LGBTQ+ leads (or major supporting actors, at least), which aren't primarily about romance or about trauma and repression?
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  5. I think Prayers for Bobby is by far the best one I've seen on the issue. Latter Days is also a cute take on it.
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  6. Has anyone else seen Sequin in a Blue Room? I saw it on Friday and was pleasantly surprised. It's a dark coming of age story about obsession. It leaned into the thriller genre more than I was expecting and it's beautifully shot. Definitely worth watching.
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  7. Uncle Frank was a lovely movie, really enjoyed it.
  8. Also, does anyone have recommendations for queer-themed films that play with fantasy/SF/gothic/alternative worlds in general, especially if it's to explore trauma? I'm thinking Dreamboy and Closet Monster as good examples.
  9. Oh, but I loved this one.

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  10. Includes him lip-syncing for his LIFE to Robyn. Movie was just okay. Same for Sublet, the only other one I saw at Flare.

    (I thought Uncle Frank was hokey shit, but Miss Corona might be affecting my mood for movies.)
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  11. Watched Priest and found it pretty good - straight to the point, nuanced, human, provocative. The older father surprised me in the end, not what I imagined or expected. I only knew Linus Roache from Vikings and thought he did a bloody good job as the protagonist. Thought he fell in love pretty quickly, though, - they barely knew each other!

    At The End of the Day is cheesy and kind of preachy but alright for an indie movie. Pretty well-acted and worth the watch if you want more on how religion and sexuality can interact, even if a heavily stereotyped and unnuanced way. Not to give any spoilers but at the end I was still uncertain on whether Dave was or wasn't gay, bi or something. I suppose that wasn't the point but...?

    Thank you - put them on the list.
  12. I really enjoyed it. And it was only a matter of time for a film to start using the Grindr distance as a form of terror!
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much as when I watched “Prayers for Bobby”, I was in genuine physical pain. Utterly devastating.
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  14. Me too! I was going through a bit of a rough time with my parents when I watched it, so it hit home hard.
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  15. Hope things are better for you now!
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  16. Glad you enjoyed it. Other than a couple of scenes which spring to mind, the most memorable thing about it in my mind is how much 16 year old me fancied Linus in and out of his church get-up.

    Seriously though, I struggle with films on this topic growing up catholic (an altar boy...) but never for a minute believing that hell existed, leave alone that I was fated to go there. Nor was this the vibe at any of the schools I attended or church services I sat through. Personal experiences aside, it's also a topic impossible to separate from class and culture/ethnicity, which white, middle class takes over the past 20 or so years tend to gloss over and simplify a bit.

    I would love hear some more of your recommendations @Leopold.
  17. I think the main issue with movies dealing with sexuality and faith is that they tend to lack nuance and any real understanding of both 'sides'. Priest, for example, is all the richer for portraying both various forms of hypocrisy and transgression, alongside real, dedicated, self-sacrificing faith. At The End of the Day fell a bit flat due to its relative lack of nuance - the ambiguous protagonist warms up to his new gay buddies and basically decides they're right/his life-long faith is wrong, without any real nuance or conflict about it - it basically just clicks "gays good christians bad", aided along by his terrible boss. Real life is rarely black and white like that.

    My current list looks like this:

    - "I Am Michael" [WATCHED]
    - "Michael Lost And Found" [WATCHED]
    - "Priest" [WATCHED]
    - "The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin" [WATCHED - It's a documentary and religion doesn't come into it, bar his family being conservatives from the south].
    - "Prayers For Bobby"
    - "Boy Erased"
    - "Einayim Petukhoth" ("Tu n'aimeras point") (Jewish Orthodox)
    - "Latter Days"
    - "Save Me"
    - "Maurice" (1987)
    - "La ville dont le prince est un enfant" (1997)
    - "Le divin enfant"
    - "C.R.A.Z.Y." (2005)
    - "Rock Haven" (2007)
    - "I Love You Phillip Morris" (2009)
    - "Little Ashes"
    - "Forgiving The Franklins"
    - "Shattercane"
    - "We're All Angels"
    - "Born Equal" (2012)
    - "An Act of Love" (2015)
    - "The Education of Shelby Knox" (2005) (Documentary)
    - "Call Me Malcolm" (Documentary)
    - "God and Gays: Bridging the Gap" (Documentary)
    - "For The Bible Tells Me So" (Documentary)
    - "This Is What Love In Action Looks Like" (Documentary)
    - "Outrage" (Documentary)

    On "Chewing Gum" and "Greenleaf" there are also secondary characters who deal with coming out in a faith environment.
    There's also the famous storylines for Thomas on "Downtown Abbey", although I can't recall if there was any mention of faith or God, even in passing.
  18. Agree with all of that! Thanks for the list - I've only seen Chewing Gum and C.R.A.Z.Y (I don't remember much religious content here, but I might have forgotten) from this, so plenty to dive into.
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  19. Then I have to reiterate, please watch Prayers for Bobby. It was not just one of the best showcases of the conflict between sexuality and religion, but also one of the best queer-themed movies I've ever watched, period. Sigourney Weaver in one of her best roles, and the story is so touching and nuanced. You really feel both sides and the weight of their conflict, and every emotion that the characters go through is so well expressed. I think it should be a must watch for every parent, especially for religious parents.

    Also, DON'T watch the trailer beforehand.
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