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Films About LGBTQIA+ People

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Absolutely loved Summer of 85.
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  2. Watched Jongens/Boys again after 4 years or so. Still as beautiful as ever. Such a simple and pure portrayal of general young love/infatuation. Not even in a homosexual sense. Also, because it suddenly dawned on me, I actually noticed and payed attention to the scene where they spot the young deer. Which is a parellel and symbolism for their entire innocent experience. Just brilliantly touching.

    For a Dutch tv movie where I can understand and speak the language, this one is an absolute gem. It got its festival award circuit recognition but is still too underrated.
  3. Finally got around to watching Kiss Me, Kill Me. Gale Harold was barely in it. False advertisement on their part.

    The movie overall was meh but I did enjoy it. It was unintentionally and intentionally hilarious, especially whenever Shangela had a scene.

    The entire ending was a straight up Lifetime production. That final scene...

    I like that this has noir elements. It reminded me of something the underrated tv show Ringer would deliver.
  4. Finally got a hold of this one, there’s just something about foreign films that I love, very good film!
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  5. MB


    This was super cute. Really enjoyed it. Didn’t realize the two lead actors were a married couple in real life as well.
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  6. I watched the Fran Drescher one and it was so bad I turned it off halfway through.

    I watched Dashing In December too. It was also bad, but I kept waiting for them to fuck and for it turn into a porno, so that kept my attention even though I knew it wasn't gonna happen. Also dance scenes to Shania and Kacey Musgraves so they really knew their audience.
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  7. I thoroughly enjoyed The Christmas Setup aka the Fran Drescher one, but I'm also a big fan of these awful Lifetime/Hallmark holiday films. I thought the two leads were really sweet and had great chemistry (their real-life relationship makes sense), and the film itself was some delightful trashy cheese.

    I also watched The Christmas House, which is the Hallmark gay holiday film starring Jonathan Bennett, and it was practically unwatchable. The two gay characters were supporting players who were barely even in the film, and the rest of the film was useless.

    I still need to get to Dashing in December.
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  8. You really don’t. The music aside, this was really bad. I would rank it a distant second after the Fran Drescher one. Third would be the Johnathan Bennett one.
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  9. I just watched it for the first time, found it cute but was a bit underwhelmed overall. The charakters didn't share much with each other and even though I appreciate a quite tone, I felt the story was a bit too simple to feel authentic.
  10. Premiered on netflix a couple days ago. I really liked it.
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  11. Really looking forward to watching this one!

    Anyone ever watched Presque Rien? I haven't seen it in YEARS, but I remember really enjoying it.
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  12. Just watched Matthias and Maxime and my heart broke into tiny pieces.

    Damn you Xavier Dolan.
  13. One of my favorite movies! I’m still looking for an HD copy of it.
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  14. A Channel 4 late night screening had me enthralled (and horny... I was young, internet was still dial-up)
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  15. Ditto. Headphone lead was just long enough to reach the sockets at the back of my telly.
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  16. I finally watched Edge of Seventeen. Echoing all the love it has already received here and Lea Delaria remains everything. I thought the movie did a really good job of depicting the turmoil of coming out and the stress of having to anticipate and manage other people’s reactions to it (or maybe it just resonated with me because my own coming out went so far off the rails that it almost bordered on comical).
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    I've been on a binge of films over the long weekend, and really, really liked these few

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  19. Where did you see them?

    I saw Say Yes on Amazon Prime a few months ago and was surprised how much I enjoyed it.
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    All on Amazon Prime! I think the last link for Happiness Adjacent is the whole film, too.
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