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Films About LGBTQIA+ People

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. I live near otley too. Cattle market toilets sometime?

    watched our paradise on prime recently. Quite enjoyed it. Its about an Aging prostitute called vasilos
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  2. Oh darling, I’m far too old to do it in a toilet. I’ll go rummaging through the car boot with you, though. Love a bargain!
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  3. Great Freedom broke me.

    Beautiful story. Brilliantly acted.
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  5. Heartstopper was adorable. The loveless cynic in me was grinning throughout.
  6. I saw Mascarpone during Pride Night at Pathe, it was a lovely movie and definitely recommend! Also, all the actors are very hot.

  7. Sorry this is a german trailer but its a lqbtqia show that is coming to Disney+ in Germany and I guess to other countries too.

  8. The acclaim!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member


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  10. Excited for this. Loved the book.

    Are they actually casting queer actors for this one?
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  11. They did not; they cast two straights, which is a shame.
  12. Fire Island was beautiful! It got a tiny bit too cheesy for me at the end but overall I loved it. Joel Kim is such a force.
  13. Just watched Fire Island. I didn’t get the Pride And Prejudice slant but then I’m not hugely familiar with the story. Pretty sure it didn’t have a darkroom though.

    It was ok. It was an American film after all.
  14. Why are we still supporting this crap?
  15. Amazon Prime really is toxic.
  16. I’ve just noticed When We Rise is on Disney+ So watched the first 2 episodes. I’ve only seen (extensive to be fair) snippets on YouTube before.

    Has Dustin Lance Black done anything else available on streaming apart from Milk?
  17. Went to the local Odeon (for the first time in 15 years!), to see Firebird, which was great. Sad. Tom Prior's wig made him look an itsy bitsy like Neil Patrick Harris.

    They had an introductory talk before it played, with a featurette / interview after it ended, which was a nice touch.
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  18. This looks good! I'm a sucker for anything Cold War themed. Is it originally filmed in English or dubbed in English? It's hard to tell from the trailer. Looks like it's already available to rent on Amazon (in the U.S.)
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