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Films so good you saw twice at the cinema

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pop Gaz, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Inspired by @idratherjack's post about The Greatest Showman, and wanting to see it again at the cinema, I was wondering, what other films were so great for you that you went to the effort of going to the cinema a second time to see them?

    I don't go to the cinema really anymore (the whole "other people" just annoys me too much) but, like idratherjack, I did Titanic twice, the whole sinking, although done a million times since, was just so out of this world amazing at the time, and the only other one I can think of was Fatal Attraction (yes, going way way back!)

    So what films have blown you away so much, that you couldn't wait for the dvd, but just had to see at the cinema again?
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  2. Like you, Titanic. Think I went 5 times in total with different friends and cried every time! I have never ever seen another film where the audience applauded at the end. It was such a spectacle.

    And yep, I really need to see The Greatest Showman again on the big screen, just fabulous! That reminds me, I saw Moulin Rouge twice at the cinema too. Some films just aren't the same on the small screen.
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  3. For some reason that I still can't wrap my brain around, I saw Chicago in theaters four times. FOUR TIMES. Did I expected the Cell Block Tango to reverse order or something?

    I also went to The Sixth Sense two days in a row, because I had to rewatch it with all the "new information" that was available to me after the first viewing.
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  4. I saw Moonlight last year, twice. I absolutely loved it but the second screening had a Skype interview with Barry Jenkins so that was exciting. Watching the film again was just as moving as the first time.

    I want to see Call Me By Your Name again because I loved it but also James Ivory will be doing a Q&A.

    The Sing-Along Sound of Music I have seen several times. It's a blast. People shouting out things at the screen is hilarious - and priceless.

    Showgirls. (Don't ask. Don't judge).
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  5. A sign of getting old, but I think I may have seen Moulin Rouge twice, but I'm not quite sure. It's certainly a film that I would have wanted to see more than once at the cinema, a masterpiece.

    Because that's the thing, I know Ive seen at least a third film a second time at the cinema, but now can't think of it....honestly, don't get old girls....
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  6. I think I saw Trainspotting a couple of times too. You can't get much further than from Moulin Rouge to Trainspotting!
  7. Hmmm, I have only done it 3 times.

    The Greatest Showman
    Fantastic Beasts
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  8. I went to Toy Story 3, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, and Veronica Mars twice each. I also saw La La Land and mother! two times because I attended TIFF screenings of both and then a friend who I always go to the movies with wanted to see them. I went to Mad Max: Fury Road twice, but once was at the drive-in. And actually just a few months ago I saw The Disaster Artist twice because the second time was a double-feature with The Room and my friend wanted to go for his birthday. I threw up during the intermission.
  9. No judgment here! Iconic!! Anyone who has an issue with it, we can respond in kind.

  10. I saw all 3 Lord of the Rings films twice at the cinema and I saw The Blair Witch Project 3 times including twice on my own (haha I had an obsession with it at the time)
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  11. I rarely go see movies twice at the cinema, usually because I can only manage one film a week, and there’s always something new I want to see.

    I did see Titanic thrice when it came out. The most recent film I managed twice was Rogue One.

    I wanted to see both mother! and Call Me By Your Name again, but couldn’t seem to find the time.
  12. I think I've only done it once and it was for Beauty and the Beast. I dragged my boyfriend the first time then my gran said she wanted to see it so jumped at the chance to see it again. And I cried at the same parts each time
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  13. The Amy Winehouse documentary, because as a huge fan I just loved all the unseen footage and I had to see it in the cinema twice but... I'll probably never watch it again. I've bought the DVD and it was on TV not long ago but I just don't want to see it.

    The scene where her body is being taken out of her house in a bag and her her bodyguard quotes her saying "If I could give it all away and walk down that street with no hassle... I would" hit me like a tonne of bricks. The timing, the quote, the visual, the score... just gut wrenching.
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  14. I saw X-men 2 three times
    Fellowship of the ring 5 times
    Two towers 3 times
    Return of the king 2 times
    Moulin Rouge 2 times
    Call Me By Your Name 2 times (apparently one of my friends has seen it 8 times!)
    Moonlight 2 times
    Hero 2 times
    Matrix Reloaded 2 times
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 times
    Beethoven's 2nd two times
    Burlesque 2 times
    Charlies Angels twice in one day 3 times over all
  15. I've seen Lady Bird three times and wouldn't mind seeing it a fourth.
  16. The last one I saw more than once was IT. Other films that immediately spring to mind are Hairspray, Scream 4 (didn't get to see any of the first 3 in cinemas so made up for lost time!) and my all time fave, Titanic.
  17. I can’t even tell you the amount of films I saw in the theater more than once, although I don’t do it as much now. Saw Shape Of Water, Get Out, & Girls Trip in theaters twice this last year. As a teen, I saw almost every movie I liked 2 or 3 times in the theater. The only film I recall seeing more than twice in theaters in recent years is La La Land & the film I’ve seen in theaters the most times is Dude Where’s My Car? - a record 8 times. To be fair, I was 13, it was Holiday break, and my best friends & I were competing over who could see it the most times. The competition was an effort to prove who loved Ashton Kutcher & Seann William Scott the most, and therefore, would end up marrying them.
  18. I almost never go to the cinema anymore. People eating loud food, texting, actually talking on the phone, or just talking and not whispering. I hate everyone else who goes to the cinema. If I could have the theatre to myself I would go.

    The last film I saw twice at the CINEMA was Black Swan.

    At home, there's a number of films I always go back to.
    I adore the Joe Wright version of Pride & Prejudice. I probably watch it 5 or 6 times a year.

    Others include:
    The Matrix
    Pan's Labyrinth
    The Hours
    Man Of Steel (I like moody Superman)
    The Prisoner of Azkaban

    Usually, I have to forget what happens in the film before I can watch it again.
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  19. Oh that's precisely the reason I don't go anymore, used to make an exception for Bond's and Star Wars, but seeing The Last Jedi late last year has even ended that now.

    I actually think Trainspotting might have been the other film I saw twice.
  20. This is totally uncool but I went to see Paddington 2 twice recently – I've just never felt so warmed by a film before. It was like a massive two hour hug. I was genuinely surprised at how good it was: funny, beautifully art directed (like all the best bits of a Wes Anderson film), melancholy, and made me fall in love with London again too. I felt sorry for people who'd looked at the marketing and written it off purely as a kids film.
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