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Films so good you saw twice at the cinema

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pop Gaz, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. As a movie goer this is something I've noticed get worse in the past ten years. It used to be that if you were so much as eating too loud you'd be met with a "shhh!", now it's just accepted as the norm that people are having conversations, glaring phone screens always out, laughing and giggling etc.
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  2. I despise people with smartphones, they can't seem to go 30 minutes without having to look at their screen, really distracting in a cinema.

    I think the only film I've seen more than once at the cinema is The Polar Express, the Imax in London used to show it on Christmas Eve, so it became a bit of a tradition for a few years.
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  4. *puts on “get off my lawn” old man pants*

    I never understood why people would choose to go to a movie theater and then spend the whole time talking to their companion or on their phone. Like it would be way cheaper to just go to a Starbucks.... and then you wouldn’t be the only person doing it? Who goes to the library and then sets up a drum kit?
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  5. I very rarely go to the movies so I've only done this twice but I saw La La Land twice, once with a friend who told me I'd love it and I did, then again with a boy I liked who called it white nonsense lol. Then I saw Baby Driver with some friends and then again with another boy who ended up friend zoning me after coming out to his mom. I just saw Call Me By Your Name and I wanna see it again, thankfully there aren't any boys in my life at the moment.
  6. People checking their phones in the movie theater is my biggest pet peeve. I go to the movies to escape the outisde world for 2 hours, so it pisses me off when anyone takes that away from me. 'Tis why I usually go to the nicer, more expensive theater by me. Weeds out the youths & people who don't want to spend much cause they probably don't want to pay attention to the film anyway.
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  7. I saw Toy Story 3 twice.
    Titanic rerelease twice.
    And Scream 4 four times.
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  8. When I saw I, Tonya recently, there were a couple of middle-aged women chatting most of the way thorough. The first time Tonya mentions being the first American to perform a triple axel, one of the women exclaimed to the other, "She really was!" Thanks for the confirmation, Carol. Out of all the stories that film tried to sell me, that was the one I questioned the most.
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  9. It is like you are reading my thoughts. I actually get anxiety going to the movies nowadays because I know there is going to be at least one inconsiderate person who whips out their phone or chats up a storm. This is why I like film festivals because the moviegoers are serious about experiencing the film and frown upon chatting and texting.
  10. I saw The second X Files movie twice, Revolutionary Road four times, and Burlesque six.
  11. It's hardly surprising that people would rather stay at home. Why would you pay £20ish (including drinks, popcorn, etc) per person just to sit there and be all frowny and irritable because the person beside you opens their noisy crisps packet during the quietest moment in the film?

    I think I mentioned this somewhere else on here. I went the see Blade Runner 2049 at the Everyman Cinema in Birmingham. My friend and I splashed out a little for a nice place where we thought people paying a bit extra would have good cinema etiquette and be quiet. Nope.

    Everyman Cinemas is one of those places where people can order food and have it arrive at your seat in time for the film to start. We had a couple next to us eating a full meal of burgers and chips and chicken wings. I could hear every crunch and every licking and sucking of fingers clean. Once they demolished all that they started on their mega noisy nachos. Roar! Worst experience I've ever had at a cinema. It's put me off ever going again.

    I get it. Movie studios put more and more pressure on cinemas who get less and less of a share of the ticket price so they have to find other ways to make money. They just won't be getting my money anymore.
  12. I went to see High School Musical 3 three times in the cinema. Love a classic.
  13. Barely get to the cinema and tickets normally being over 10 quid really limits repeat viewings. Wonder Woman was the first in YEARS I saw twice in cinema, but I'm a stan.

    Saw X-Men 2 multiple times in 2003...Avatar 3 times (WHY)...I'm sure something like The Dark Knight too.
  14. I went to see Disney’s Coco again. Movies or TV usually don’t make me cry at all but the final 10 minutes of this are really everything.
  15. I've seen many films in theatres more than once. My record though was Lilo and Stitch. I saw it in theatres 8 times. At the time, I was 12 and it was the film that got me back into wanting to get into animation.
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  16. I went to see Dunkirk twice, but the second time was in a ‘4DX’ screening where your seats moved and vibrated, water was shot at you, smoke was pumped into the room, wind machines gusted and strobe lighting went off alongside explosions and it felt really insensitive and awkward given the subject matter.
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  17. Shakespeare In Love
  18. [​IMG]
  19. I saw the last X-Men film twice, but that was mostly cause I love Sophie Turner.
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