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Films so good you saw twice at the cinema

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pop Gaz, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. The ones I usually see more than once at the cinema are the big Christmas films (the new Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts, etc.).

    I usually watch them on my own in the UK and then take my brother and/or nephews when I go back to Spain.

    Before that, Interstellar.
    Before that, High School Musical 3.
    Before that, Titanic (I think I went like 5 or 6 times in total!).
  2. I’m not a huge fan of repeat viewings, but somehow I managed to see The Dark Knight five times.
  3. I saw Moulin Rouge in the cinema 7 times and I saw Black Swan in the cinema about 4 times. If someone asked me about recent viewings, it would be The Greatest Showman twice and I might go watch it again for the Sing-A-Long version.
  4. I remember back in the '80s I went to see the comedy Club Paradise four times in the cinema. My cousins from London visited us and we took them to see it... twice. It was the only movie playing in our small town cinema, and it played there for weeks. So it will always have fond memories for me. I loved the scene where Andrea Martin is almost blasted away by the shower.

    It's funny because the film is pretty much forgotten today, despite starring Robin Williams and Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis in their post-SCTV days. Not to mention it featured Jimmy Cliff, Twiggy and Peter O'Toole. What a cast!
  5. Uno


    Scream 4, Evil Dead, The Cabin in the Woods, The Conjuring, Get Out and You’re Next - saw them all at least twice in the theater.
  6. I watched Coco twice and cried just as hard the second time.
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  7. I saw Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 5 times in the cinema.
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  8. Oh gurl, I couldn’t even sit through it once.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. 6 times: Urban Legend

    3 times: Final Destination, I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Jurassic World (once in Spanish); X Men: Days of Future Past; The Woman in Black; Scream 2; Scream 3; Scream 4; Friday the 13th (2009); The Grudge; Love Actually; Freddy vs Jason; Pirates of the Caribbean; Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (!?); Final Destination 2; Halloween: Resurrection; Jeepers Creepers; Urban Legends: Final Cut; American Beauty; Deep Blue Sea; Halloween H20

    Horror on the big screen was my thang.
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  11. Just remembered I saw Cinderella (2015) twice dddddd.
    I loved it! But it was more cause first time was unexpectedly on a bizarre unintentional date and second was with my sister who I planned to go with.
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  12. ddddd I went to see A Bad Mom's Christmas 3 times with 3 different guys

    #justhoethings #merryhoemas
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  13. The cinema cashier sat there like "Another new friend Miss Munro?"

    p.s. I don't know what people who work in a cinema are called....
  14. The person that served me all three times was my best hunty Becky, who i've been friends with since I was 3.

    She knew exactly what I was up to.
  15. Was this because it didn't make sense the first time?

    (This is coming from a big X-files fan)
  16. Pretty much. More that I had to see it again to make sure THAT was what I had just seen the first time.
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  17. Just remembered I also saw Arrival twice, but then that’s it for recent films.

    Wait just kidding I saw Carol twice too
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  18. You better have made all three of them buy you Sour Patch kids and pop-corn, Munho.
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  19. Star Trek: Into Darkness, kii.
  20. I don't really like repeat viewings, I usually wait for a physical release to see it again.

    I only collect Studio Ghibli and other animated films on Blu-Ray.

    However I did see Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion twice after (and while) drinking a bottle of vodka.....and then went to a work meeting where I fell off my chair.
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