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Finneas - I'm In Love Without You (if you like How To Dress Well)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Conan, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,
    if you like How To Dress Well or are generally into super talented new singers, check out Finneas.
    He happens to be Billie Eilish's brother. What a talented family!

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  2. He's great. I'm not sure about him as a "popstar", but he's obviously a great musician and a great producer.
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  3. He's definitely atypical, but so is his sister. He has the charisma to spark interest in him.
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  4. I always forget how young he is. I was shook when he said that the first album he bought (stole) was Kesha's Animal.
  5. He’s on the And The Writer Is... podcast this week. Great episode and lots of insight on working with Billie + solo career.

  6. His solo work is great.
    I'm goign through his playlists on Spotify and wow... the taste.
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  7. I'm really enjoying the EP. I Don't Miss You At All and Shelter are my favourites on first listen, but it's pretty good overall. I could totally hear Billie singing these songs, and I'd like to see a proper duet someday.
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  8. He was on a great podcast where he talked about how Father John Misty and Kesha inspired his writing process. It's a great listen.
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