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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 8, 2007.

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    She needs a steak.. I don't know what she looks like now though. Everytime I saw her on telly I used to think "pretentious cow", but that Criminal song is quite a tune.
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    She is very talented and very cool. Although the original Jon Brion version of Extraordinary machine was far superior to the one released.
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    I *adore* her stuff. The first album was way too glossy(apart from the sublime Criminal), but the follow-up was much better. Extraordinary Machine is *sublime*.

    I too prefer the original version of it, but the one they released is still very enjoyable too. She is such a unique talent, both vocally and in terms of her songwriting.
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    I am amazed that she does not have a bigger following in this country as her stuff is just pure brilliance. The first album was an impressive debut but she just got miles better with When The Pawn... and with (the original version of) Extraordinary Machine. She sounds like an empty-headed bimbo when she talks sometimes but her lyrics are v profound and beautiful.
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    I like her a lot. She's not (for me) as great as Juliana Hatfield but they're both fantastic writers.
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    Re: fiona apple? discuss

    I'm really shocked she doesn't have a stronger UK following too; it's always baffled me, considering the strength of her songwriting, melodies (even though she denounces them in "Please Please Please"!). "When The Pawn........" is an essential purchase, in my opinion - I love a lot of "Tidal" and both versions of "Extraordinary Machine" (I can see why she chose the version she did for release, though) - but her second opus is just genius.
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    Her finest moment for me is the brilliant song and video Paper Bag. A wonderful lyric and a truly perfect video. In an ideal world it would have won every Best Video award - if you have not seen it, please watch!

    Be sure to watch the last 30 secs - it's my favorite part.
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    "When The Pawn Hits..." is one of the most outstanding albums of all time, and her most recent long player was almost as good, if not a little too long in the making. She's got a minor following here in Australia, but not as intense as she deserves.
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    her version of across the universe for the pleasantville soundtrack was fab
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    I actually prefer the released version of Extraordinary Machine to the Jon Brion one. I dunno, it just seems more... poppy. I am bewildered by the choices for singles from the album though. It seemed to me that Oh Well would be a surefire radio hit.
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    What a lovely topic !

    I am a massive Fiona fan, she has one the rawest and emotional voices in the business, let alone unique. She also has one of the most prominant talents for lyrics i think of anyone of her (and my) generation. So utterly poetic and at times devestating, the lyrics are pretty much on the ball, even on the weird and wonderful Extraordinary Machine.

    As for that album, the original versions of many of the songs were more than perfect. "Better version of me" was destroyed for the release, the original had such a strong beat and horns that made it fun to march to lectures and things to. They murdered that album with the new versions, but i guess at least she got it out and made a bit of money!

    By far the pinacle of her career though is "i know". She said herself that it is the only love song she has ever released, and to be honest i dont think she really needs to ever write another. Nothing could come close to the closing lyrics

    "For you to find you love me, and tell me so
    Its ok, dont need to say it.

    The delivery, the orchestration. EVERYTHING about that song is on the ball. A very talented gal.

    Although, i do hope the days of MTV speeches are over. She was a little bit cliche with her "dont try and be like me" etc

    But i guess, if thats who she is and wants to be , i still love her !

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    this is my favourite topic ever!! *dances around happily to himself*

    did anyone see her live last year? absolute best concert i have ever been to hands down - i have never seen anything like it..

    'when the pawn..' is one of the five best albums of all time easily.. never has an album been so perfect track for track, lyric for lyric and the music and instrumentation is sensational.. whoever mentioned 'i know' before is dead on - it is the most beautiful, original, subtle and tender love song i can think of.. it breaks my heart many times over... 'paper bag' is the absolute best song there though, it is just perfect, even to this day...

    i actually prefer the released version of extraordinary machine better to the brion version.. which is not to say that i don't love love love the brion version, i just think that the released version manages to make the genius of those songs more memorable and accessible - remember, production is not a dirty word.. they managed to capture the passion and the genius whilst toning down how f*cking psychotic she sounded on the originals.. i think it really just came down to the fact that she re-recorded them a year later and with a years perspective and growth emotionally.. when you compare the two different versions of 'red red red' you realise how one set of lyrics can mean two totally different things.. i just think she was at a different, less crazy place when she recorded the final version.. in the brion version you can practically hear the butchers knife in her hands..

    'tymps (the sick in the head song)' should have been the single though, although the 'o sailor' video is nothing short of breath-taking..
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    Exactly. That's why some of us *prefer* the original versions. They're more real, raw and authentic. The released album felt more than a little watered down. Still wonderful though.
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    i think this is probly one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen musically speaking...

    Her cover of Elvis Costello's 'Want You' is not to be messed with
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    I bought Extraordinary Machine on a whim and, a week later, went out and got the two previous albums as well in an orgy of Appleness.

    She's absolutely fantastic, but very much an acquired taste. I'm sure I wouldn't have liked anything but Criminal if I hadn't been prepared for kooky piano lady music by years of exposure to Tori Amos.

    What I like is the tension in all of her music between melody and ridiculously off-kilter piano figures. I guess that's why the record company got fed up with her - because she was going too far in the Philip-Glass-experimental-composer direction...

    But she's the only one of my favourite artists who I wouldn't like to meet in real life. Something tells me she's constantly on the verge of some awful psychotic episode.
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    I like her, but I much prefer Tori and Polly Jean. When The Porn is probably my personal favourite.
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    Love her! Such a talent she is. I wonder when her next album is gonna drop? Has she quit? It has been forever since 'Extraordinary Machine', haven't heard anything of her since then...
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    Love love love her! She has the most amazing lyrics. 'Never Is A Promise' 'I Know' 'Oh Sailor' all beautiful.
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