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Fiona Apple Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. I'll say it any time, any day: She's a genius. Paper Bag & Fast As You Can are 2 all-time faves.
  2. New Vulture Interview, really makes it sound like music will be out this year.

    There’s also something so pure about the fact that she calls King Princess her son.
  3. aux


    Obliterate me Miss Apple.

  4. Guess I've hit my monthly limit on free NY Mag/Vulture articles. Can anyone share the essentials?
  5. Use a private browsing window.
  6. Her interviews are always so brilliant. What an incredible human being.
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  7. I fucking love her.

    Her mom's description of the new album has me on the edge of my seat. Sounds like it may be as intense as The Idler Wheel?

    (Praying I Want You To Love Me is on it. Such a sweet song of brutal yearning.)
  8. fsjdlkfdfk why did this send me. She's so great.
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  10. This is a fantastic album. Her lyrics are simultaneously hilarious, brutally honest, & sad. She’s like a blend of Jenny Hval, Mitski, & Fiona to me.
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  11. Yes I definitely recommend Okay Kaya too. She’s too slept on and she’s fantastic. I think her debut is more accessible though.
  12. After I read that I felt my whole body react. I am so ready to be destroyed by Ms. Apple once again.
  13. Not sure if these have already been found, but for anyone as desperate for a drop of tea as I am, here are some possible alphabetized song titles involved [or a complete tracklist out of sequence] w/ the new album:

    - Can I Go
    - Cosmonaut
    - Dull Tool *
    - Heavy Balloon
    - I Want You To Love Me ^
    - Kick Me Under
    - Ladies #
    - Rack of His
    - Relay
    - Shameka

    * already released, possibly reworked?
    ^ performed live two times, utterly amazing
    # also performed live

    Source (blackboard in background)
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  14. The album is called Fetch The Bolt Cutters!

    “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” is a reference to a scene in “The Fall,” the British police procedural starring Gillian Anderson as a sex-crimes investigator; Anderson’s character calls out the phrase after finding a locked door to a room where a girl has been tortured.”

    13 songs!!!

    Songs mentioned:

    - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
    - Ladies
    - For Her
    - Newspaper
    - Heavy Balloon
    - Rack Of His
    - Shameka
    - I Want You to Love Me
    - Kick Me Under the Table
    - The Drumset Is Gone
    - On I Go

    The only ones not mentioned from the list above are Cosmonaut(s), Relay, & Dull Tool.

    I’m thinking an announcement must be imminent?
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  15. I can't believe this is finally happening?? Having an album title is surreal, I'm in shock!
  16. The line from For Her, fuck.

    What joy to be on the brink of a new release from one of the greats.
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  17. I have to wonder how the HAIMs feel about that if they’ve seen it
  18. People on coke being aggressive? Wow somebody take me to Tiffany’s I need pearls to clutch.

    Dumbasses on Twitter acting like a vague story of PTA being sorta mean 20-years-ago is cancelable.
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