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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Yeah, Periphery and Regret do not connect but the rest of the songs connect so much.
  2. Ohemgee. Don't do 'Regret' like that.

    It's so full of raw emotion....the song is simply electrifying.
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  3. Fiona Apple seems like such an empathetic person.

    The Idler Wheel... is fascinating and brilliant, and I can't wait for her next album. I'm sure she'll release one, because she seems to have been rather productive over the last few years. Obviously I mean that by Fiona Apple standards.

    I really like 'Regret'. It's actually one of my favourites from that album.
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  4. I've come to conclusion that Extraordinary Machine is better than When The Pawn Hits.Red Red Red is gorgeous.
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  5. I much prefer the original Red Red Red. The released version is one of my least favourite songs on the album, along with Window.
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  6. Extraordinary Machine was my entry point for her so I didn't find out about the alternate version of the album until much later.

    (As it is, I'm a stickler for canon releases so, I'm always gonna choose them.)
  7. Her Kesha selfie is already a highlight of 2016.
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  8. "How can I ask anyone, to lo-uuhhh-ve me, when all I do is beg to be left, when all I do is beg to be left, when I do is beg to be left alone"

    What a fucking gut punch. The production on The Idler Wheel just does such a good job of encapsulating how chaotic her mind and emotional state must of been when she was writing and recording the album. Just such a stunning display of artistry by one of the most accomplished songwriters of her generation. Seriously, what a fucking Queen.
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  9. Periphery is bae. You're all crazy. I live for the 'wiping the dog shit off the shoe heel' noise.
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  10. You're not alone.
  11. Her Andrew Bird duet is out, it's a rather folky call-and-response kind of deal:

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  12. A&E


    Watch Fiona put out a country album next.
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  13. Here's the video for Left Handed Kisses, she appears to be blonde now.
    And she looks really healthy too, I'm so happy she managed to gain weight again. Compare and contrast to three years ago:

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  14. I Know is my favourite Fiona song.

    I didn't like The Idler Wheel.
  15. Ahem! "Carrion" deserves to be called out by name, too.
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  16. I seriously for real want/need a new Fiona Apple album.
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  17. I keep thinking there's some sort of announcement whenever this thread gets bumped!

    *tears forming*
  18. "Left Handed Kisses" is so so good and I enjoyed the video too. The song has been on repeat for the last few weeks. Her voice is magical.
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  19. 'Left Handed Kisses' is amazing. Both song and video. Right on the money. I really hope she'll return to her solo career soon. It's almost been 4 years which is probably not long enough but at least she isn't that much of a recluse anymore between albums.

    To be honest, since the the last album I have finally moved to North America and now I can finally fulfill my dream of seeing her in concert. I don't even need an album.
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  20. I've probably mentioned this a few hundred times, but I met her during the last tour & she was so sweet. Signed my t-shirt & even took a photo with me. I can't get over how genuinely nice she was.
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