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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Let's give a hand to Andrew for managing to drag Fiona onto television for the first time in ages.

    Her mic was a tad muted on the first two lines but the rest was amazing, what a growl.
  2. I'm here for Andrew Bird and Fiona's Raising Sand. Give me that tearful duet collab album.

    Extraordinary Machine still f***s me up reaaaaal good. My middle school angst album.
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  3. Ahhh! That performance is so good.

    Sometimes I'm just so impressed with the longevity of her career. She never was as big as say Alanis Morissette or Sarah McLachlan but she's doing incredible things twenty years on.
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  4. Loved the live performance, so great seeing her around lately. The Idler Wheel still fucks me up regularly.
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  5. I love her so much.
  6. (a side-note but I am fucking pissing at Pitchfork spending half of their article waxing about Kanye's stannage, if those people go any further up that man's rectal canal they're going to choke on his fucking tongue)
  7. Thanks! I'm going to check them all out.
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  8. Oh wow, that pitchfork article is horrible.
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  9. She and her music have been such huge influences in my life. Very grateful for her talent and voice. Happy birthday, "Tidal!"
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  10. Glad I'm not the only one who just kept groaning that Kanye West was used to validate Fiona's brilliance, and comparing him to her makes me want to roll my eyes until I'm asleep to dream.
  11. She's one of a kind. I hope she's doing well.
  12. Solange made a post on Instagram about Tidal earlier, mentioning that Kelly used to play it all the time around the house until Solange stole it from her. Who hasn't been touched by that illustrious debut from Fiona?
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  13. I still tear up everytime i hear Never Is a Promise.Glad to have her in the scene because she always delivers
  14. I still feel sorry for how badly she got dragged in the 90s....
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  15. I actually really like that Pitchfork article.

    Once you get over the fact that Pitchfork will be eternally riding Kanye's dick, it's quite good!
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  16. Ah, that. She replied in an interview once, actually, it deeply upset her.

    "I play her the track, titled "A Reading From the Book of Apple." [...] To begin with, after I click off the tape recorder, Apple is composed: "She is absolutely right, about the video and what it says to girls, but she's looking at my message at the beginning, and she's not waiting for the end. Because..."

    It's then she cracks. Big tears dollop down her face. I feel awful, fetch tissues. She begins talking some more. "Since that video was made, I've gained about 20 pounds on purpose..." -- Fiona says she is currently 110 pounds, and has varied between 95 and 125 pounds -- "so that people can see me like that. I know what I'm doing. Bitch. I'm going to get bigger and bigger, and the girls are going to see that I don't care and that I feel better like that. Of course I have an eating disorder. Every girl in fucking America has an eating disorder. Janeane Garofalo has an eating disorder and that's why she's upset. Every girl has an eating disorder because of videos like that. Exactly. Yes. But that's exactly what the video is about. When I say, 'I've been a bad bad girl, I've been careless with a delicate man' -- well, in a way I've been careless with a delicate audience, and I've gotten success that way, and I've lived in my ego that way, and I feel bad about it. And that's what the song's about, and therefore, that's what the video looks like.""

    A long but amazing read.
  17. Janeane Garofalo is trash, I was thinking about her dragging Fiona when I read that Pitchfork article yesterday and thought it was genuinely sad that one of the rare moments Fiona let her full self be seen by the public and she got such a lashing for it. Terrible.

    Also the transition of her as an artist from Tidal to Idler Wheel is tremendous.
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  18. Glad to see my avatar getting some PJ love!
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