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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by likeapen, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Sorry to everyone who saw the thread expected news, but I'm just popping in to say that The Idler Wheel might be my favourite record of all time.

    Other than Criminal, I've never delved into her other records though. I know she's meant to be very consistent, but I'm just too scared that they won't match up to The Idler Wheel and I'll somehow accidently tarnish my view of that record too.
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  2. "When the Pawn..." is on par with and some might say better than "The Idler Wheel..." I would definitely give that one a listen.
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  3. Honestly she doesn't have a bad album to her name, in my opinion. Tidal is my favorite though.
  4. I really like her whole discography, but When The Pawn is the one for me.

    It has a really fun and ecletic production, but her lyrics are something that are yet to be matched with ''Hunger hurts, but starving works when it costs too much to love'' is something that in its simplicity is so devastating and true.

    Tidal is a great album, but I always feel the second half of the album can drag the whole experience a bit (Carrion is amazing and one of my favourite closure ever of an album)
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  5. She'll probably never release another album again but she's still one of the most iconic figures in music.
  6. What makes you say this? I think she'll just be like Daft Punk and taken ages between releases.
  7. I love her.
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  8. I love all her albums, but Tidal is the one for me. One of my all time favorite albums, and so incredibly important to me/my life. I still can't believe she made it when she was a teenager. A genius if there ever was one.
  9. BML


    I'm so glad I went to see her in concert a few years ago when I had the chance. I went alone for the first time and it was amazing.
  10. The Idler Wheel is definitely my favorite. What sealed the deal for me was listening to it one day while exercising in my backyard and Anything We Want doing something to me when it came on. I felt this rush of joy come over me as the song progressed and I suddenly felt like I was a kid again. I proceeded to run around the yard with reckless abandon and explore it even though I already knew every inch of it. It was a magical moment and one that I have yet to experience again.
  11. She's just in category of artists who will never release album for another 10 years along with Portishead for me.
  12. I remember in an interview on a talk show that I saw (it could've been Letterman), she was telling the host that she would only sit at the piano and write songs when she's unhappy/experiencing heartbreak. Obviously for my own selfish reasons I want a fifth album, but as someone who loves/adores her and her artistry - I hope she's happy and healthy. I'm going to be okay with just what we have for now. Even, that gorgeous half of a song from The Affair.

    Fiona is a really special artist. For those who have seen her live, I'll be eternally jealous.
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  13. I had a chance to see her live during my first year of college when she was touring with Blake Mills. I really wanted to go but I ended up deciding against it because I was running low on funds had an early morning Chem lab the next day. The real kicker is that she was performing at my school's auditorium! I still regret not buying a ticket.
  14. Extraordinary Machine was actually where I came in with her so it always holds a special spot in my heart but yeah, not a single bad album to her name.
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  15. Funnily enough the first album of hers I listed to was the leaked Jon Brion version of Extraordinary Machine, months before its official release. I was totally entranced. Who is this woman who wraps her fatigued yet impassioned voice in a dense quilt of off-kilter baroque production, sprouting amazing lyrics like "I'm either so sick in the head / I need to be bled dry, to quit / or I just really used to love him"?

    I worked backwards from there with When the Pawn... and then Tidal, reading all the interviews and magazine articles and reviews I could find on her along the way. My obsession grew to the point where I was designing my own covers of the Extraordinary Machine leak on Microsoft Paint and creating usernames on forums and other websites that referenced her album titles and song lyrics. 2005 was a very Fiona year for me... I lost track of the number of times I listened to "Love Ridden" while fantasising about the actor from Black Hole High I was crushing on. Ah, to be in the throes of adolescent sexual and emotional awakening once again!

    The Idler Wheel... is the one album of hers that's passed me by a bit, and that I feel I should sit down with properly. It doesn't fail as an album at all, but it just came about when I was in a totally different frame of mind, so I never really gave it the time that it deserves (blame Electra Heart and Ladyhawke's Anxiety for taking over my summer of 2012).
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  16. I would love a new album from her. It always feels so special when she does release. The idea of her topping The Idler Wheel is unbearably daunting. Whenever it comes, I pray I Want You To Love Me is on it.

    It certainly has potential to be one of my favorite Fiona tracks!
  17. I just started re-listening to Fiona's discography and I found it even better this time around.

    When The Pawn and The Idler Wheel... are definitely her best efforts of an overall great musical journey, I would say When The Pawn definitely took everything that was great on Tidal and amped it up to the 110%, there is such a rage on the album that leaves you a bit dazed at the end (And the line Hunger hurts but starving works when it cost too much to love is something so powerful, moving and brutally honest in its simplicity). The Idler Wheel have her best songwriting ever and the production definitely works well, I would add that her voice reached a maturity and an expressivity that probably are her peak, I am so excited to hear a new album (if it will ever come out).

    I even found Tidal way better (not that I dislike it, but I think it started to drag a tiny bit in the latter half of the album), the fact that she wrote so honest and emotionally devastating song at such a young age, what a talent.
  18. Werewolf and Red Red Red are on heavy repeat.She is just amazing.

    "Nothing wrong when a song ends in the minor key" is one of the best lines that has ever written
  19. Regret has slowly become my favorite off of Idleer Wheel, it certainly helps get some aggression out and I feel like a mad man singing along.
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  20. Jonathan has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Too bad it's such a hard sell for most people.
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