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Fire Island (US: Hulu - UK: Disney+ / Star)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aboutyounow, Jun 4, 2022.

  1. When the trailer dropped I had some concerns about this that seem to be proven correct. I’m happy for everyone who enjoyed it but I think I’ll pass nn.
  2. This is badddddd. Who lied and told Bowen Yang he could act.
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  3. Thank you!!!! Spent the bulk of the film wondering this myself.
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  4. Every character in this was entirely underdeveloped. A shame, because the core of something good was there. At best, it’s a cute mediocre novelty.
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  5. It was entertaining enough. I thought the acting was kind of bad across the board, though maybe most notable with Bowen.
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  6. Nn did we watch the same movie? I actually cried at the end because it really affected me, and I am someone who NEVER sheds a tear for media! I thought the issue of racism in the gay community was handled quite well. It was pretty great.
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  7. I liked it too. It was a cute little rom-com, and I'm not sure what the expectations were.
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  8. Yeah it was sloppy in places and didn't quite have the character depth of some of the smaller queer romances it reminded me of but I appreciated what it brought into the mainstream and thought it was entertaining.
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