First Aid Kit

Klara and Johanna are back with It's A Shame, the first single from what will be the follow-up to 2014's wonderful Stay Gold album.

Earlier this year in case you missed it, they released a one-off single for International Women's Day called You Are The Problem Here:

So happy to have these voices back again.
New single Fireworks:

And a 4/5 review in DIY magazine:
Already have tickets to see them with everyone I know and their mother (my boyfriend's parents are literally going to the show). I"m really excited about the new album. I find they get better and better with each album (though I'll always have a sweet spot for "Emmylou")
Finally got a chance to listen to Fireworks and I really love this. I like it better than It’s a Shame and Postcard.
Stay Gold is spectacular! Looking forward to listen to this new album. It's A Shame is a very cute little song.