First Aid Kit

Watched them at Glastonbury so didn’t bother with getting tickets to the tour and now I’m raging at myself, the flowing track list for this album is superb and already feels oddly familiar.
I've been checking for tickets popping up every damn day.
I've been checking for tickets popping up every damn day.

Well if that doesn’t work, I’m thinking to try standing outside the venue and asking people can I have their ticket if I promise to send them a video of “My Silver Lining” for their instagram story. On the off chance I manage to get one of those fans.
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Wait that venue looks amazing for them (if it doesn't piss it down ddd). Lemme see if I can scam some train tickets for this.
I mean sis Glasgow in August = I'll be happy with it being cloudy, but it's a great venue and a lovely part of the city too. If it's a sunny night it'll make an amazing atmosphere.


...I have no idea what ticket allocation works like though. Maybe just a total free for all and it's first come, first serve for a good seat.
Did anyone else catch that My Wild Sweet Love's line "Oh what comes after this? Our momentary bliss" is pretty much directly lifted from Beach House's Myth?

"See you in court fatty" - Victoria Legrand
If these 2 keep this level up, they're going to end up with a massive discography – these 4 albums are all superb and I really don't know how they are supposed to make setlists with so many great songs.
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