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There's listings popping up for a four track vinyl EP called Tender Offerings coming out on 14th September:


1. I've Wanted You
2. Tender Offerings
3. Ugly
4. All That We Get
Love the cover!
I'm seriously thinking about going to see them on tour when they come to my area. All the videos I've seen make me want to go.
Was always for Lions Roar as their best, but think Ruins may just have surpassed it.

Now if they’d just be so kind as to release the Spotify single with Running up that Hill because that is a fabulous cover version.
They've had a great year, haven't they? I saw them for the second time this year at Kelvingrove Bandstand and it poured down all night, but they were utterly magical regardless. I've already set alerts on Twickets in case any more tickets come up for their third Glasgow date this year at the Barrowlands.

I feel like they've very quietly become huge in the UK. This is essentially going to be their third tour in a space of a year and they're still selling out. Their crossover appeal is massive.

Album remains amazing, so I'm buzzed for the EP.
I feel like they've very quietly become huge in the UK.


The whole UK leg of the tour is sold out (except for Cardiff) and who is without a mere ticket????


Tender Offerings (song) is gorgeously FAK.

And Ugly. Ugg.

So what if I'm ugly
I am still so much more than that
I'm so much than you'll ever know
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Went to see them at the Barrowlands last night and was overwhelmed by how slick and rocking it was - they really know how to get a crowd going. I was expecting a far mellower show! They did a brilliant cover of Hard Rain by Lykke Li last night with their lovely support act The Staves (one of my favourite bands), and had some rousing words about You Are The Problem Here after they played it. One of my favourite gigs I've seen in a while.

Was lucky enough to get to chat to Johanna after in the bar next door and it turned surreal very quickly - she ended up trying to teach us to sing "Part Of Your World" from The Little Mermaid in Swedish (???) and when she complained about the cold, I said to her "but you're from Sweden?! You literally just sang "Stockholm's cold" and she said "I know, I should be able to endure this kind of weather"...

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Here is Random Rules:

I think a lot of people were as shocked as I was upon hearing the news of David Berman’s passing. It didn’t seem real. It left me completely devastated. So I wrote the song “Strange Beauty” to try to make sense of my feelings. “Random Rules” is a long time Berman favorite of ours and a song we always thought we would record if we ever made a cover album. It holds some of the greatest lyrics ever penned and shows the genius of David Berman. We hope the songs can be some kind of comfort.