First Aid Kit

A familiar froot moment



Feels a bit weird that it has the same title of Miranda’s album she released this year, no?
Not really? Folk and country both reach into Just Like Them Horses territory, and the title was likely decided before Miranda released hers. Blah blah supply chain blah, means everything has to be finalised many months before an album release to allow for the physicals to come out before the end of this year (unless they're really dropping physicals in November 2023 and it's not a typo ffff). Basically: it's probably not that deep.

I'll also throw in:

Miranda who?
Now let us not act foolish (also see literally a few posts up on this page).
I’d heard of First Aid Kit before but never really listened to any of their music. However, I listened to previews of the two new singles on iTunes and then watched both videos and they’re both really good! Sounds like it’s going to be a great album and I now need to go and listen to their older stuff.

Here’s the new song as its not been posted here yet: