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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tommie, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. tommie

    tommie Guest

    "The Best Revenge" will go criminally unnoticed like "Never Win" did, won't it?

    It's up on their MySpazz by the way.
  2. dddirtymind

    dddirtymind Guest

    No, it will be quite justifiably unnoticed. They're annoying and can't even really write very well. They just lucked out by being in the right place at the right time during the whole electroclash thing (although that was kind of part of their artistic message as well, hooray for superficial blah blah...).

    The main guy also seems to think he's way more attractive than he is. Which is to say he thinks he's attractive at all.

    At least Kylie got to them at the perfect moment. That Come Into My World remix was the best thing they ever did, mostly because it had an actual tune.
  3. I have to disagree with you, totally!!!!

    An AMAZING band, without a doubt!!!

    Both albums are works of art!! sweet as!!!

    Awesome live band!!!

    Cant wait for new material
  4. Count me in! I adore Fischerspooners latest album and can't wait for new material!
  5. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Whilst #1 was mostly shallow garbage without substance, I still contend that Odyssey is one of the most criminally overlooked albums of 2005 - Never Win, Cloud, We Need A War, Kick In The Teeth, Just Let Go, etc. are all great tracks! And the new one isn't bad either, even if it's not a shocking evolution from the Odyssey sound.

    I hope the new album is tight.

    Oh, and I'd let Casey spoon me any time. (Sorry for the bad pun)
  6. Apart from Never Win, the rest of the album was pants squared. I hope they spend some time on their album tracks this time.
  7. I completely agree. #1 was a bit style over substance, apart from Emerge which is still amazing. Still, the whole album made Ministry of Sound go bust didn't it? So it was good for something.

    As for Odyssey, well I think they really hit their stride with it and I hope the new album is just as good. Cloud is a personal favourite. I've always been dying to see them live so I hope they tour it. They put on a proper show.
  8. Never Win is my least favorite track on Odyssey.

    A Kick In The Teeth, Get Confused and Everything To Gain were the best tracks.
  9. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    we need a war is my fave ... yeah they are a couple of posey nitwits but if they come up with the goods again like last time i'll be happy!
  10. nnnumb

    nnnumb Guest

    I'll be the lone voice that thinks that #1 was better than Odyssey then. Although I absolutely love Odyssey, and think it was criminally ignored, #1 is near perfect. Mind you, I do have about twenty-odd copies of it.

    Has Casey had a haircut? The last time I saw photos, he looked in desperate need of one.
  11. I have just discovered their BRILLIANCE wilst rumaging YouTube!!!!

    Need to get 'Odyssey' album pronto.
  12. Fischerspooner are very close to my heart. Seeing them tour #1 was an experience I won't forget.
  13. I absolutely love both albums. And them live.

    Why has it all gone quiet after Best Revenge and Dance En France though? Any news on the third album?
  14. Yes, actually!

    It is called 'Entertainment'



    May 4 Europe
    May 5 USA

    Fischerspooner give us some Entertainment

    Love them or hate them, Fischerspooner are back yet again with their third full-length.

    After their Odyssey album flopped commercially, the duo were dropped from EMI and now reside on the more independently minded Lo Recordings, who will release Entertainment later in the year (May.) The forthcoming album features both of the singles that they put out on the Kitsuné label last year, alongside eight brand new tracks.

    As you'd expect, they're still peddling the electro-clash sound that they helped bring into the limelight, but their music seems much more restrained and polished this time around. This may be due to the fact that Jeff Saltzman (who has previously produced acts like The Killers and Black Keys) is on knob twiddling duties, whilst Steve Stein (AKA Steinski) also helps out on some aspects of the sound design.

    Fans of their outlandish live performances will be glad to know that they're planning to tour later in the year, apparently "using inspirations as diverse as Japanese theatre and the early years of the U.S. space program."

    01. The Best Revenge
    02. We Are Electric
    03. Money Can’t Dance
    04. In A Modern World
    05. Supply & Demand
    06. Amuse Bouche
    07. Infidels Of The World Unite
    08. Door Train Home
    09. Danse en France
    10. To The Moon
  15. Jesus Christ! I didn't think we'd ever get another Fischerspooner album, so I am more than a little surprised and excited. Especially as both singles were so good, which bodes well for the album.

    So that's Pet Shop Boys in March, Depeche Mode in April and Fischerspooner for May. I wonder what June will bring?
  16. Amuse Bouche is a great track too! A little darker.
  17. FrankMusik! (Well, round about that time, I think.)
  18. The Best Revenge is indeed sublime, but i wasn't overly sold on Dance En Franse - the D.I.M remix more than made up for it though.

    To anyone calling them posey - you have to remember that they're not just a "band" their an art-come-music group and a lot of their music is produced for preformance and installation rather than just what sounds nice on a CD. Which, imo, is one of their strength.

    I must have every copy of #1 pressed, as well. The DVD that came with one version was awesome. Their music videos are always legendary. (and the art backdrops they performed lots of #1 against were also included.)

    The new album will be inbetween #1 and Odyssey from other bits and bobs i've heard scattered around. 'Money Can’t Dance' sounds verrrry promising.
  19. Wow, I'd given up hope of getting a third Fischerspoon album. It's nearly four years since the last one. I remember how into Odyssey I was. 'Cloud' especially is still amazing to my ears, so I have faith that this album will be great.
  20. I agree. It was a bit weak. But the other three tracks I have heard are much better.
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