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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tommie, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. I am obsessed with Dark Pink but wish it was another two minutes longer.
  2. I finally got a chance to listen to this yesterday and I am obsessed. I think this could be my favourite album from them. Really hope it gets a physical release. The singles + Discreet and Strut are some of their very best work.
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  3. Oh Rio is hypnotic. I love it!
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  4. There is a limited edition vinyl (/500) being sold at Art Cologne Fair this week.

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  5. Of course there’s no way to buy this online.

  6. I feel like SIR is very much the queer counterpart to Plunge by Fever Ray.
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  7. OH MY GOD that cover! I love this album so much and have been keeping my fingers crossed for a vinyl release but of course this is only going to end up on eBay for hundreds of dollars like their previous albums.
  8. Of course that's the image of a homosexual male orientated vinyl LP. Does anyone else think that's Casey's cock shot from Grindr?
  9. He said it wasn’t his
  10. He’s been so committed with this album I feel a bit let down that it’s not his.
  11. Considering how involved he has been with the provocative imagery/videos I am surprised it's not his.
  12. What if it actually is his though.

    Hello Mr Fischer.
  13. He’s Mr Spooner.
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  14. Post was removed but he did update on another way to get it

  15. I sent them an email but I haven’t received an answer yet. I still don’t understand whether they will actually sent you a vinyl or you still have to travel to Cologne to get the copy you reserved? Because if it’s the latter, I will fucking travel to Cologne on Friday and get this damn thing. I need it!
  16. Damn I didn’t get to see the cover!
  17. Google ‚Fischerspooner Sir Cover‘. See that photo with the big dick? This is it.

    I believe it was meant to be the original cover for the album.
  18. ....that’s awesome!

    Pet Shop Boys did it first though.
  19. It isn't.
    I should know.
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  20. I really hope they tour this album. They always puts on a theatrical show but this one has a proper manifesto behind it which will translate well on stage. Plus the pictures from the shows they've done so far look epic.
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