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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tommie, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. A lie.
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  2. Sis didn't the last FS album sell 2 copies?
  3. SockMonkey

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    Butterscotch Goddam makes a lot more sense on the album rather than a track on its own. It’s an album that certainly needs several listens to take it all in. Pardon the bum pun.

    Would have liked a few more bangerzzz though. It does get a liiiiiittle bit samey towards the end.
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  4. pdf


    2m? Hmmmmmmm, I can't quite believe that.
  5. I love it, too, but it's been out since forever (see video below):

    They have released the best songs as singles but I still like the rest of the album. Just wished there was one more uptempo banger.
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  6. Me @ every single album release from the past 22 months.
  7. Oh geez i am far behind.
  8. It hasn't always been. When you get Troye Sivan and Years and Years releasing queerly titillating videos this does seem played out buuuuuuuut (and it's a big delicious but) some of these Fischerspooner vids are abso-loot-ly gorgeous. I've never seen the male form photographed like this - it's also a little fun.

    Going wide with this idea: Truvada/Prep means the gay community is going through a(nother) sexual revolution that hasn't been seen since 1982. You can fool around with a dude and not feel guilt/anxiety that you'll get HIV. That's pretty revolutionary for the artists behind this album (Stipe/Fischerspooner co).
  9. Ha, I was gonna say yesterday, that those people complaining about gay hypersexualization are probably the same old farts complaining about PrEP and 'what if you get other STDs!!!'.
  10. Listening to the NPR stream, it’s surprising good. It’s been worth the wait.

    Does this LP come out in a physical format?
  11. The album is great. It feels like a true return to proper electro-titillation form after the last one ages ago.
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  12. He has replied to someone on Instagram saying there won't be any physical copies of the album at the moment.

    Sad but i kind of expected it, i just want to own the album on Vinyl. It is mean to be on vinyl.
  13. I'd love to have the vinyl! I saw of their site they have a SIR book. I'm a bit curious about that, but would be set on buying it if there were a CD or vinyl included.

    I'd be interested in the official credits at some point
  14. Yeah i saw that too and became intrigued, i assume its a photography book on the album creating process. It's a bit of a steal at £30.
  15. That's an interesting perspective, and I appreciate the insight. I shouldn't have been surprised that my perspective was unpopular. The entire milieu in which gay men’s moral and sexual socialization takes place is so fraught, so deeply compromised in many places by intolerance and prejudice, that I guess I should just celebrate the gayness in all its manifestations. I just wanted a more interesting direction from them. Moving on...
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  16. album sounds queer af - love it after first listen - wish there was a massive electro banger but i'm not going to be picky
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  17. The song is good. The video... exists.
  18. Which one?
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