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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tommie, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. “TopBrazil” is the one I was talking about oop.
  2. Butterscotch (Goddam) video drops this Friday with the album.

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  3. I really love the album!

    I wasn't so keen on Entertainment, mostly because I didn't like the producer, but Michael Stipe has bought the best of of them!

    Very disappointed in no physical release.

    Not even any lossless formats......the could have a bandcamp page.

    I don't buy MP3's, sorry.
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  4. I love everything around what he does as an artist but the music just isn't quite good enough for me to want to listen to most of it more than once. "Get It On" and "Have Fun Tonight" are fun party bops though.

    Dare I say the closer "Oh Rio" is the best track on this? I really like the narrative spoken-word format and the musical buildup.

    Also, here's a good interview with Michael Stipe, who I had no idea produced this:
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  5. Nothing has grabbed me even remotely as hard and violently as “Butterscotch Goddam”, “TopBrazil”, and “Togetherness”. But I took the premature load like a damn, seasoned, gaping vet.
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  6. YES, finally! I expect great visuals from this video.

    The best songs are still the 4 released singles, Everything Is Just Alright and the closer Oh Rio but songs like Strut and Discreet are getting better and better with each listen. I really love this Fischerspooner era.
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  7. Oh Rio is epic. You should give the other songs a chance though (or two, or three).
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  8. Oh Rio is great! It reminds me of their 'Invisible Light' moment!
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  9. I don't have Apple music so I'm not quite sure how they expect me to buy this album. I want to give you my money Fischerspooner! Oh well, looks like this this'll go the same way as Casey's solo album, ie. unbought.

    EDIT: It is an Amazon but for some reason wasn't a result when I searched. Crisis averted.
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  10. This album is brilliant! Currently on Get It On and I've loved every track so far.
  11. Butterscotch (Goddam) video.

    Steel, wood, bulges, sweat. Impeccable visuals again.

  12. I like the other video clips better, but it's okay.

    I forgot to say that I don't think Casey's vocals have sounded better than on this album!
  13. Top Brazil the song and video are amazing.
    Listening to the new album in full for the first time and really enjoying this one more than the last album.
  14. I found that you can buy the album in FLAC and WAV format from junodownloads in the UK.

    I'm from New Zealand and it works for me!
  15. Their 3rd album is pretty terrible, not a fan of the producer who also did The Killers debut. It was the wrong route for Fischerspooner.

    My favorite song from that era was Fascinating, a cover of a R.E.M. demo!
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  16. The third album is pretty terrible, I agree. Really loving the new one though. I've missed them.
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  17. That album cover is perfection, is there no vinyl release on the horizon?
  18. It's weird there isn't, but it has been 9 years since their last album, but surely they should know what the market is like now?

    I presume there will be physical formats at some stage.

    It is only getting 69% at metacritic (but their highest score is only 70%)

    69 kind of suits this album...
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  19. Their label now is Ultra - they barely release singles.
  20. I only listened to this for Caroline Polachek but Why is this some grotesque Patrick Wolf/Night-Work-era-Scissor Sisters/Marilyn Manson hybrid and why is it so amazing? Everything Is Just Alright, Have Fun Tonight and Strut are top quality bops, but I think I Need Love might actually be my favourite. The whole album is fantastic, I might have take a wee dip into the rest of their material.
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