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Five Reunion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by lukey, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Urgh why?
    Is it some sort of trend for old bands to get back together now?
  2. Re: 5ive reunion?

    They can't have done their market research if they think the public want a 5ive reunion.
  3. VoR


    Re: 5ive reunion?

    Oh come on! NOBODY cares....
  4. Re: 5ive reunion?

    This is just amazing how so many bands are getting back together (PS Come on STEPS)
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: 5ive reunion?

    With current;y being no pop acts, I don't mind old ones coming back. Aqua, Steps, Sinitta, Fuzzbox, Deuce, Glenn Goldsmith, Outhere Brothers, EYC, welcome back!
  6. Re: 5ive reunion?

    We're being suffocated by the 90's.
  7. Re: 5ive reunion?

    I'm glad all the pop acts are coming back - its almost as if pop music is making a comeback. Its how its evolved - by bringing the old guns back!
  8. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Whereas i've never really been a fan of 5ive, i'm glad theyre coming back as like said means pop may be on it's way back at long last!

    Without sugababes + girls aloud, who is there?
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: 5ive reunion?

    They could do a reality show with old band reforming and trying to come back - ooh they already kinda did!

    B*witched to be next please. Please.
  10. Re: 5ive reunion?

    I'd rather just dust down their Greatest Hits CD.
  11. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Why exactly do we want mediocre boy bands back?

    A memo needs to be circulated that it's no longer 1996.

    However, if we're talking 90s pop revivals, KLF PLEASE (yes, I know there is zero possibility of that happening).
  12. Re: 5ive reunion?

    i know alot of us feel like FFS with all the old pop bands coming back but i partly see it as a good thing because this could be the start of bringing pop music back. Just think Take That, Five, All Saints etc all big bands from back in the day could be just what it takes to bring pop back which means that we dont need to lose al our favourite bands to stupid indie crap.
  13. Re: 5ive reunion?

    I'd take the likes of 5ive over Shayne ward any day.....good to see them back as long as they do regional dates i.e. Manchester instead of just a London show
  14. Re: 5ive reunion?

    I would welcome them back if it means they can usurp the likes of Westlife and other crappy boybands that rear their ugly head.

    It's obviously going to be another MTV reality show and then a full album shortly later. MTV really is the home of D-listers now, when it used to be quite prestigious in the 90s with the likes of Ray Cokes, Davina, even Cat, Edith etc...
  15. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Pop groups we now have

    Girls Aloud
    Westlife (they are pop)

    Take That
    All Saints
    East 17????

    can't think of any others at the mo
  16. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Eternal are more than likely gonna make a comeback - if they had any sense that is. especially after kelle's stint on love island
  17. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: 5ive reunion?

    The difference is All Saints have a major label backing and Take That just done a huge tour and have a major label backing. Deuce coming back on Concept records, won't cut it even if I buy 5 copies.
  18. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Is that more wishful thinking or do you know something?
  19. Re: 5ive reunion?

    Well Eternal's Vernie and Kellie did reunite for The Arena Tour 2006, but it was cancelled.
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