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Five Star CD Reissues

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by danseparc, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I've been emailing Cherry Red with some idea's for cd reissues

    It turns out 2 of my suggestions are alreday in the release schedule

    Luxury of Life, and Silk and Steel by Five Star are being reissued in November.

    I did ask if there were going to be 1 or 2 cd sets, but the guy who emailed me couldn't comment on specifics, only that there would be bonus tracks.

    Personally I hope all the b sides from the singles are the bonus tracks, having only ever heard them on vinyl at the time of release
  2. I'd like all the 12" mixes so one of us will be disappointed!
  3. Luxury Of Life's the only one I don't have on CD (I saw a copy for £2 once, but it was water-damaged), so I'll be getting that regardless of bonus tracks.

  4. There's a Brand New World = underrated classic!
  5. It sure is - and a massive rip-off of John Parr's St Elmo's Fire!

    I've been after some Five Star re-issues for a few years now. If they have non-remix B sides on them then I'll be happy, but I don't think they had many of them.
  6. I've got the original cd's from the 80's

    in a perfect world i'd love

    album and b sides on cd 1 (which could be done as each album was 10 or less tracks)

    remixes on cd 2

    I wonder why Between the Lines isn't being reissued
  7. Weren't all the B sides instrumentals? It would be quite dull to hear them one after another.
  8. Not too fussed about instrumental B sides if there is limited room - the last I heard these reissues were going to be 1 disc, not 2 disc issues, based on the fact they do not have the wider European fanbase of say Kim Wilde, but maybe that's still being decided...seems like a missed opportunity, as so many of their mixes were far, far better than the album versions.

    I w uld love to see superior 7" mixes FINALLY on high quality cd (Slightest touch, Are you man enough, Hide and seek especially, plus others) and any 12" mixes that haven't made it onto 80's style compilations so far. Find the Time 12" Shep pettibone mix is by far the best and makes what was an average track outstanding.

    Although it would be great to have their first single, Problematic, on CD, it doesn't really "fit" with Luxury of Life, and is owned by Tent/their dad anyway.

    Hope we find out soon what we're getting!!
  9. God, the times I bought a Five Star single hoping and praying the b-side wouldn't be some lame 'theme to network 7' instrumental but rather a brand new song. They all wrote stuff so such a shame they didn't record proper b-sides. I wouldn't want them on CD even for completism sake.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    We need a Shep Pettibone box set!
  11. Can I just say "Five Star CD Reissues" is pretty much the perfect thread title. I think the only thing that could beat it would be "Madonna Complete Singles Dualdisc Boxset" which is of course complete fantasy....
  12. I'd love to see the remixes on cd, i've got them but ripped from Vinyl so the quality isn't quite there, so to have them remastered on cd would be amazing

    Especially, The various mixes of The Slightest Touch and Winning
  13. No one B-side I think to R.S.V.P was called 'Love Games' and had vocals and so needs to be on the 'Luxury of Life' re-issue with 'Problematic'.
    I don't want any of the instrumental B-sides.
  14. Well like with Kim Wilde, the only did the first 2 albums and when pre-order sales were so good they then did her 3rd album and good sales of the 3 made them want to do her 4th and 5th album. So if we all buy These 2 albums I am sure that they will continue with 'Between The Lines' and 'Rock The World'.
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    It would be amazing if 'Rock The World' could include the Matt Goss duet!
  16. What Matt Goss duet?
  17. Vas, do you mean 'This Pain' A duet between Denise Pearson & Matt Goss?
    If so I hope its not included. IMHO its really poor. Also it doesn't fit with 1988 as I believe it was recorded very early 1990s - around 1991-93.
  18. I live "This Pain", but would prefer a HQ version of The Peter Pan Medley" lol.

    Five Star were the best group of the 80's and this news is AWESOME! I'll be pre ordering for sure, and no doublt BTL and RTW will follow - patience people, we've waited this long.

    I want UNHEARD/UNRELEASED tracks pleeeease!

    Denise is such a MEGASTAR.
  19. oooh laterdanish

    Dreamchild :o)

    Love toyah she's in my top 10 fave artists ever!
  20. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Yes that one. I know it's later on but could add interest!
    After all Matt Goss is somehow doing a huge UK tour later this year?
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