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Five Star CD Reissues

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by danseparc, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I bought it and the few tracks i've looked at in Audacity are brickwalled. Using Clip Fix has helped but it's not the same as a dynamic master. Rain Or Shine is the album version, I think Find The Time is the 7'' and The Slightest Touch is the Pettibone 7'' as the sleeve states, not sure about the rest. The remixes on disc 2 sound like vinyl rips as well.
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  2. Oh great!

    One to avoid, then. Five quid saved.
  3. For anybody wondering about Five Star's latest collection release here is the information concerning it thanks to Michael J Polter.
    Here's a confirmation of the tracklisting. Just as I suspected, when it came to the singles they've gone for a mixture of original 7" versions and original album versions.

    I'm guessing the version of Hot Love used on this compilation is just a shortened version of the original album mix, hence I've referred to it as "album edit", as the duration doesn't match up with any of the mixes released previously.

    Just thought this might be useful for anybody thinking of buying it, as all the online retailers just give you a basic list of the songs, not specifically which versions they are.

    I've specified which version is included where it's necessary, as some album tracks didn't have alternative mixes and some tracks, when released as singles, were just straight forward lifts from the original album.

    Apologies if somebody else has already gone to the trouble, but I don't remember seeing anybody post it...and likewise, apologies for any errors (I did check it, and re-check it!).

    DISC 1
    1. System Addict 4'01"
    2. Rain Or Shine (album version) 3'57"
    3. The Slightest Touch (Shep Pettibone 7" remix) 4'19"
    4. Find The Time (7" mix) 3'55"
    5. Can't Wait Another Minute 4'30"
    6. If I Say Yes (Lew Hahn 7" remix) 3'40"
    7. Let Me Be The One (album version) 4'40"
    8. Love Take Over 3'54"
    9. Are You Man Enough? (album version) 4'36"
    10. Someone's In Love (album version) 4'21"
    11. Another Weekend (7" version) 4'07"
    12. Crazy 3'57"
    13. R.S.V.P. (7" version) 3'25"
    14. All Fall Down 3'31"
    15. Knock Twice 4'09"
    16. Winning 3'34"
    17. Somewhere Somebody (album version) 4'11"
    18. Hot Love (album edit) 3'16"
    19. Ain't Watcha Do 3'28"
    20. There's A Brand New World (album version) 3'43"

    DISC 2
    1. Stay Out Of My Life 3'56"
    2. Whenever You're Ready 4'14"
    3. Strong As Steel (7" edit) 4'26"
    4. Treat Me Like A Lady (album version) 4'19"
    5. Rock My World 4'07"
    6. With Every Heartbeat 4'09"
    7. Hide And Seek (album version) 5'31"
    8. The Slightest Touch (The Pettibone Touch remix) 6'49"
    9. Love Take Over (the Limit Edition mix) 6'20"
    10. Another Weekend (Saturday Night mix) 6'12"
    11. Shine (album version) 4'45"
    12. Let Me Be Yours (12" remix) 5'33"
    13. Find The Time (Midnight mix) 6'51"
    14. The Five Star Hit Mix 12'08"
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  5. Am i right in thinking that there is nothing additional on there that hasn't been covered by the remasters or the remix anthology?
  6. Correct. Also, there's none left.
  7. Thanks - I thought as much, just wanted to check before I got carried away and bought it! Not gonna bother for the sake of it...
  8. Did we know Denise Pearson has her debut solo album coming out tomorrow, 'Imprint'?
  9. I'm waiting on the physical.
  10. Denise has just been on Top of the pops with Sigala!
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  11. Followed by "go ask your parents".
  12. Why did no-one let us know about this in Comeback Corner as a matter of urgency?! I had heard that on the radio loads and never knew it was her! I was thinking "that looks like someone from Five Star" all the way through it. The last time she was on Top of the Pops must have been about 1988... Mind blown!
  13. She's not actually on it. She was just singing it live, as the original is based on a Jackson 5 sample... it's a bit like when Kylie did that Taio Cruz single Higher, and Jade Ewen from Sugababes (!) performed her bit on TV as she wasn't available.
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  14. Oh. Mind no longer blown!
  15. She looks amazing still.

    New Years day watching Five Star videos? Don't mind if I do…..
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  16. [​IMG]

    Just in case you missed it in the Reissue thread!

    THIS AMAZON EXCLUSIVE EDITION INCLUDES A SIGNED 10"X8" COLOUR PRINT OF DENISE PEARSON. Edsel is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive Five Star box set, which has been personally curated by DENISE PEARSON. Five Star were managed by their Father, Buster Pearson who harboured the idea that his talented children could be the UK's 1980s version of an older Jackson 5. Following an appearance on BBC One's Pebble Mill in 1983, Five Star signed to RCA Records then spent 1984 honing their craft and performing at numerous club PAs around the country. They were rewarded in May 1985 with their debut hit 'All Fall Down', which reached #15 in the UK Singles Chart taken from the debut album 'Luxury Of Life', from which SEVEN singles were released. It was the final single from the album, 'System Addict', that charted the highest from the album and which started a run of nine consecutive Top 20 hits. This 9CD /1DVD set housed in a sumptuously packaged 12"x12" Deluxe Casebound Book, comprising the SIX studio albums from their international hit-laden recording periods with RCA Records and Epic Records. All six albums feature extra tracks, including non-album B-Sides, with the remaining three CDs containing 7" & 12" Alternate Versions and Remixes. The DVD features a number of Promotional Videos. RCA, Epic and Buster Pearson lined-up a stellar host of the most prolific Producers of the time to work with the Group. Nick Martinelli, Leon Sylvers III, Denis Lambert, Barry Blue, The Limit, Steve Harvey, Billy Livsey, Richard 'RAH Band' Hewson, Christopher Troy, Zack Harmon, Michael Jay, Wayne Braithwaite and Ian Prince, with Shep Pettibone, Morales & Munzibai and Paul Hardcastle mixing. There was no end of talent queuing up to work with Five Star. • The release features the original album tracklistings plus B-Sides, a multitude of alternate mixes, instrumental versions and more than 25 mixes previously unreleased on CD, bringing a two label collection together from the band's internationally successful career, for the very first time. • 'Luxury...' features all Twenty-One UK Top 75 singles, including the Top 10 hits 'System Addict' #3, 'Can't Wait Another Minute' #7, 'Find The Time' #7, 'Rain Or Shine' #2, 'Stay Out Of My Life' #9, 'The Slightest Touch' #4, as well as their other Top 30 hits 'All Fall Down', 'Let Me Be The One', 'Love Take Over', 'If I Say Yes', 'Whenever You're Ready', 'Strong As Steel', 'Somewhere Somebody', 'Another Weekend', 'Rock My World'. • This deluxe set features a 2,000 word recollection, with Denise Pearson interviewed by Record Collector Editor, Paul Lester.

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  17. This set should be amazing-wish they would hurry up with the tracklisting!
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  18. Amusing the PR overdrive of 'queuing up to work with Five Star'. I thought it worked the other way round, cash for work!!
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