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Five Star CD Reissues

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by danseparc, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I hope the DVD is not just 'Performance' as Strong as Steel was edited on that DVD and all the videos up to Rock My World were obviously just copied from the Greatest Hits VHS and transferred to DVD rather than from the masters.
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  2. I want the Wogan mix of Another Weekend. Finally.

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  3. Isn't that just an edited Friday Night Mix?
  4. Really the Rock The World album should have been album #3. Between The Lines was such a twee album with a bad run of bummer singles, and awful album artwork. It sounded really rushed and unfinished.

    Another Weekend would have been top 5 had it followed up Slightest Touch. If they needed more time I'd have lifted Are You Man Enough as another single just to buy some time.

    Looking forward to this release. Hope it includes the debut single too.
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  5. Between The Lines (whilst I do like it kind of) was the epitome of quick get it out while they're still hot, which always backfires.
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  6. The perfect third album would have been a mix of the third and fourth. The harder rnb sound wasn't a wise move for them though, they were a pop band.
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  7. An album in Spring 88 with singles as good as Somewhere Somebody, Rock The World and Another Weekend, with Strong As Steel waiting to take the ballad singles sales if needed, would surely have done well. As it was, they shot themselves in the foot.
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  8. I couldn't stand Strong As Steel. It sounded like a demo. I bought it when it dropped to 79p in Woolies. Somewhere Somebody and Ain't Whatcha Do were the only reasonable tracks on BTL.

    I don't know why they resisted SAW so much as in 1988 they'd have had hitswithbthem.
  9. Oh I think 'Rock my world ' is beyond basic. Average album track at best.
  10. I loved 'You should have waited' but a Lorraine led single would never have happened.
  11. Yeah I was going to add the caveat that it would need to have been remixed/re-recorded first.
  12. Wasn't a fan of Strong As Steel but I think they were thinking of we've got a Diane Warren track so it should be a single.
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  13. I liked Between The lines at the time, but it's definitely the weakest of those first 4 four albums - and I dismissed Rock the World upon release and didn't ever hear it till the mid 00s. It's much stronger than I ever imagined it would be and I agree that had they waited till early 88 and put out Rock the World (maybe with Whenever You're Ready on there as that's still a gem) then they may have had more chart longevity. This new box set has me excited! I probably own most of the stuff on it, but still, it's nice to have.

    Was it on the Brits thread where someone mentioned that Five Star is the only group prominently featuring women to have won the Best British Group award in almost 40 years of the Brits?! That's shocking, but well done to Five Star for bucking the misogynistic trend!
  14. I read the blurb and saw it mentions the dreaded (for me) instrumentals. I just want vocal versions, whether it's single edits, album tracks or remixes.
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  15. I was never a big fan (liked a few singles but was flabbergasted they won Smash Hits' 1987 best band over U2 and Pet Shop Boys!) but got Rock The World in 1990 (by putting a 12" sticker price on it ddd) and I was blown away at how good it was and became a fan.
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  16. The artwork of Between The Lines upset me then and still upsets me now. I recall that Doris said (in Smash Hits) she had felt so sick on the day of the photoshoot and it really shows in her face. Whoever thought this shoot was album-cover-worthy deserved to be shot...

    That said, Somewhere Somebody is one of my absolute 5 Star faves (good shower music), and Knock Twice and You Should Have Waited remain 4-star playlist staples... Ain't Whatcha Do definitely should have been a single...
  17. The the cover shot looked like a family portrait for their grandma. They looked far too fuddy duddy.
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  18. Yes the Between The Lines cover-was a choice-they looked too old and frumpy. After the fantastic covers for the first 2 albums his was a shocker-thankfully Rock The World was a much better cover!
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  19. I guess they were going for 'see we're not just a pop act-we even have a Diane Warren ballad, we're grown up now!' with the cover.
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  20. I'm assuming all the bonus material from the Cherry Pop reissues will be included in the box? I've still not got around to buying Silk & Steel or Between The Lines yet, and don't want to double-up unnecessarily.
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