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Five Star CD Reissues

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by danseparc, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I've just preordered this. I can only dream that off the back of this we get 2cd reissues of each album in jewel cases with properly done artwork, with all the tracks from that albums era, including Problematic. I wouldn't mind seeing the 86 and 87 tour on dvd too instead of yet another compilation of the singles videos

    I can but dream....if Hollywood Beyond can get a 2cd reissue then there's hope for Five Star
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  2. The below is nabbed from the reissue thread. I'm on board for this new studio album.

    Michael Jay, song writer of The Slightest Touch, If I Say Yes has posted this on his facebook :

    'It won't be released until June 29th, but Five Star's new 10-CD definitive anthology "Luxury" is already the #1 best-seller on Amazon. At £70 in pre-orders it's out-selling Pink's current album which costs only £8. The collection obviously includes my hits "The Slightest Touch" and "If I Say Yes". What a great way to prepare for the release of Five Star's all-new studio album which we've just startedworking on. Get ready for the return of Five Star. #FiveStar#FiveStarLuxury'
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  3. Unfortunately, the real Five Star doesn't exist anymore. I think it's only Deneice left?

    Having said that I will probably still get the album as I bought her last solo effort. I won't consider it a real FIve Star release tho.

    Surely the box-set isn't #1 on Amazon? As in THE #1 bestseller?

    Obviously I preordered it instantly.
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  4. I had never realised this but yes, every other Best Group winner has been a male group it seems.

    This is who Five Star beat in 1987:

    Crazy considering they were an independent act on Tent Records.
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  5. I THINK they were going for Cosby chic and... they shouldn't.
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  6. On Tent, yes, but with the might of RCA behind them. Surprised that Eurythmics didn't win that year, actually, as they'd enjoyed big sales for Revenge and Thorn In My Side had been a Top 5 smash.
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  7. I'm in the minority I know but I loved this era.

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  8. I think, rather unfairly (although I love her so I'm not complaining), Annie Lennox was Best Female so often they probably thought it unfair to also give Eurythmics the nod they deserved. I think they were nominated 3 or 4 years tho?

    Interestingly 1987 was one of the few years Annie wasn't even nominated for Best female. She won in 84,86,89 and 90 (essentially for Eurythmics as the only other thing she did was the Al Green duet!)
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  9. I found all of that very bizarre at the time! It was as though they couldn't find any other UK solo female acts to give the award to, or something. Well I suppose there weren't any, of course.
  10. Well I think this was clearly the implication. Not sure it was entirely true but perhaps they were struggling to find the kind of solo female they wanted to award.

    The only other obvious candidates were Kim Wilde, Kate Bush and Alison Moyet (the only other winners 84-90).

    Even Sinitta (and Samantha Fox??!) got a nomination in 1988!

    Perhaps they should have awarded Deneice! Always an under-rated vocalist.
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  11. Well I think they were looking at things commercially and Samantha Fox had a big year worldwide by then including 2 US Top 10s at that time so they were acknowledging that fact.
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  12. Yes, they could be a rum bunch, a blinkered bunch too. Alison's Raindancing era hadn't really got going by the time of the Awards, just the one Top 3 single at that stage and the album wasn't even released yet, so I suppose that ruled her out. Kim had the big US #1 with Hangin On, but had that happened by early 1987 anyway. The album had died on its backside too, sadly. Can't believe they didn't give it to Kate, she was enjoying a #1 compilation with The Whole Story for goodness sake.
  13. They did give it to Kate in 1987! The ceremony was held on 9th Feb 1987 less than 2 weeks after she'd been #1 on the album chart.

    Then Alison in 88 - presumably after rain dancing had run its course.
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  14. Oh, I'm getting my years mixed up!
  15. Somewhere Somebody is one of my favourite 5 Star songs, but that bloody album cover ...
    Surely someone (somewhere, somebody?) could have spoken up and said NO!
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  16. The album discs have all the non-album b-sides, most of which are instrumental cuts. The Cherry Pop reissues didn't include them, and I think the point of this set was to add some value to the Five Star fans who have been patiently waiting for something a bit more comprehensive. So with that in mind, the new box set should compliment the CDs fans spent £70+ on a few years back, rather than replace them. If it's on the Remix Anthology 2CD, or a bonus track on the reissued albums, it's probably not in the box. So, aside from the b-sides, like them or not, there should be US/promo remixes, remix edits, dubs and finally, all the 7" versions. I'm looking forward to hearing the single mixes all at the same volume, instead of relying on the ones on the quiet/tinny-sounding 1989 Greatest Hits album! And don't quote me on this, but the videos should all be from tapes, and I don't mean VHS. All the Cherry Pop releases + this box set = very little overlap, if any, on the bonus tracks front. Surely that's a good thing!
  17. It probably is, I'm just daunted by the amount of material and trying to see if I need to get the Cherry Pop reissues in addition to the boxset. They're all about £6-7 online, so not too expensive, if they have enough unique content that isn't on the box.
  18. They should include the Live VHS they had out too.
  19. They tried to get that and more, but it wasn't to be. Licencing problems.
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  20. I had that and remember reading the track list when I got it and being mega excited at not knowing new song “Medley”. Lolz.
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