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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. I can relate and appreciate the "sibling" rivalry to an extent.

    I'm the youngest of four (three boys, one girl) and three of us have always got along well together. My middle brother is a talented person however, he was spoilt rotten by my Mum and had always managed to wrap her around his finger (in a very bad way). It took the rest of us years to realise how insecure and jealous he really is of the rest of us getting along so well...but his problem is "we're doing things my way...or not at all. I don't care what you think, say or do" - the three of us have bent over backwards to accommodate him...but unfortunately he never learns. Everybody in the wider family can't stand him and avoid him at all costs...he lacks self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
    In contrast my sister can talk Dad around any situation but she does it for the good of Dad and for the benefit of the whole family....but then she works as a professional carer and so has a completely different mindset to my's all so sad.
  2. Although they are a group, and it really only works with the 5 of them, Deniece was from the beginning clearly the one with the voice and a bit of star quality. I could see how it would be possible for others to maybe feel put out by the preferential treatment she may have received with attention in the studio and in general (and maybe even their Dad), but she was doing most of the vocal work, so unfortunately all 5 were never going to be treated the same. Del could focus his talents on production, Doris routine's and Sted costumes. Maybe Lorraine never found her place in the group?
  3. Wasn't Lorraine the main spokesperson for the group and the one that spoke the most in interviews, she did say that was her role in the group

    I always wondered why they didn't split things equally, Del even got a lead in Please don't say goodnight, maybe if things were split equally and no one member was favoured over the other things may have been different
  4. Yeah their career would have gone down the toilet much quicker.

    Let’s face it they weren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it came to non-Deneice tracks were they? Don’t You Know I Love It was nice, You Should Have Waited was nice, Someone’s In Love even had a US release but Treat Me Like A Lady aside the hits were all Deneice.
  5. I think we got the 1990 Five Star album when they all get a bit more share on writing and singing, and personally I don't think it was very successful or enjoyable compared to the previous albums. I just think Deniece had the voice that could make a possible average track sound great. In the hands of the other 4 I still fear it sounded a bit of turd. To be fair the others were rarely if ever gifted songs to sing by other writers so I can appreciate it must have been tough for them not to be allowed shine more.
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  6. They could have done 'bits' of songs like Eternal did. I love little bits like Del going 'I can make you number one' in RSVP. Yeah Denice would always be lead but giving the others some parts here and there wouldn't have hurt rather than them being backing vocalists.
  7. That's a fair point actually and hadn't realised that never really happened. could have worked on some songs. I always liked myself a bit of Del if I'm honest too.
  8. Did Stedman ever have a solo line?! I know the first 4 albums pretty well but I’m a bit hazy on the ones which followed.
  9. He got a whole song (Feelings) to himself on the Five Star album. That whole album was written by them all but all five didn’t collaborate at any point in one song. Unfortunately it was proof that he was best placed back left with mic turned down low.
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  10. There are some songs where you can hear the groups harmonies a lot more. 'Find the time' and 'Rain or shine' are really good for that but by 'Between the lines' it's more the Denice show with the others coo-ing here and there. On 'Whenever you're ready' I swear there are other backing vocalists. Makes you wonder if the pressure to get product out meant the others didn't get much of a look in.
  11. Which song was that? I’ll give it a listen. I only recall Hot Love and Treat Me Like A Lady from that one off the top of my head.
  12. Feelings. I edited into my last post. The whole Five Star album was self written.
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  13. Del was (and still is) cute. He was born the same year as me so I always liked him.
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  14. The new Let Me Be the 1 is so good it makes me even more sad Deniece didn't join a reunion. The production sounds modern and professional. If that's what they're bringing I'd be down for a new album or EP.
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  15. Check out the interview on Youtube with Delious Kennedy (All 4 One). Lots of great questions from the host and honest answers from Doris about everything!! Doris seems so lovely! Search
    Flashback Tonight- Doris Pearson of FIVE STAR!
  16. Agreed. Doris does come across very well and seems a genuine and lovely person. It sounds as if she really has tried to get them all together again many times but has had to give up trying. A bit sad that siblings can't get along and leave any ego or petty disputes behind them.

    I somehow thought their dad passing in 2012 might have brought them all closer together but it appears not.

    I wonder if Denise's own management aren't interested in her being part of 5 star as their job is Denise the solo artist.
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  17. Just a reminder that Five Star UK Singles Rate will be starting at some point on Monday 21st. Covering the years 1983-1991 with 25 official UK Singles releases.
  18. Looking forward to this-such a great singles run
  19. Excellent news. I'm really going to have to think hard on what single would get top marks from me. Not an easy one I don't think. During that period their aren't that many of their singles which I'd give anything below an 8 either.
  20. I should add I allow a 12, 11 then any score including decimal point scoring.
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