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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Debbie Harry, In Love With Love (SAW), Heart of Glass (Pettibone)
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  2. Surely Shep must have remixed Donna Summer at some point?!
  3. I love the harmonies from Delroy in the chorus of 'Find the time' who you hardly ever hear otherwise.
  4. I wonder if they were toying with the idea bringing him forward more as he had a lead on the Silk & Steel album which Find The Time is also on but decided not to in the end.
  5. They should have brought them all forward more as the fans bought into the group's personalities so much. The total dominance of Denice was understandably but I would have liked them to have mixed the vocals up more, making Denice lead but giving some lines to the others. Del would have been a perfect teen pin up. Obviously the S&S singles were perfect but some vocal distribution would have worked wonders.
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  6. It was a model that Eternal pretty much followed, even a bit more stringently. I guess Doris got lead on the two singles from album five but it was game over by then.
  7. Both the Doris lead singles were absolute crap though.
  8. I quite like Treat me like a lady but yeah it wasn't 'comeback single to save us from the dumper' material at all.
  9. So I was geeking over my copy of Record Mirror for 27 July 1985 and saw an advert for Let Me Be The One which said two hot 12” remixes were being released “featuring Grover Washington Jr”. Not sure if I had ever heard this I turned to YouTube.

    I only knew him as a singer (Just The Two Of Us) but it seems he is a sax player and is all over this remix:

    I’ve checked my standard 12” vinyl of Let Me Be The One and I don’t think it’s on there (Philadelphia remix, Long Hot Soulful Mix, M&M Remix I think have all been on reissue CDs?). Is this a mix that hasn’t been on CD? Is it on some obscure promo 12”?
  10. That mix is the Long Hot Soulful mix- released on the Five Star Luxury Anthology box set.
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  11. Thanks. Ok good I’ve got it, just never got around to listening to it because it isn’t on streaming! I really should get back to ripping stuff again.
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