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FKA Twigs - Caprisongs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Dec 16, 2021.

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    So looking forward to basing my entire personality for the year on the Shygirl collab.
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  2. Yessss. I definitely need this midnight sun energy from her to survive the dreariness of January.

    Is the Dua song dust or was Dua removed?
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  3. I somehow missed this new thread but i've been hammering Tears In The Club these past couple weeks. What a major bop!

    And i'm so damn perched for this Shygirl collab.
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  4. Shygirl!! Sega Bodega production! I am READY!!
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  5. Caprisongs is exactly what we need right now. She’s about to save us, she’s a saviour.
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  6. Fka twigs capri suns
  7. Tears in the Club is taking over my life so this might just end me, I can’t wait.
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  8. I just saw she shared many snippets on her TikTok from what I assume is pretty much every song on the mixtape. It does sound more accessible (and surprisingly uptempo) than her previous work, but it also sounds very good.
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  9. I won't bother with snippets but is tears in the club a good indicator of the soundscapes?
  10. I would say it is for the more accessible stuff. There’s mellow R&B, uptempo tropical(?)-adjacent stuff, tracks that lean back into her alien vocals with a bit more sparse production… Keep in mind that most of the snippets she shared were merely a few seconds long, though.
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  11. I love when FKA twigs keeps it on the experimental side, but I obviously wouldn't mind accessible bops from her.
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  12. Something about her constantly wielding a deadly weapon is very queer to me.
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  13. The way she copies my every move

  14. Edu


  15. Track lengths:

    ride the dragon 3:08
    honda 3:21
    meta angel 4:19
    oh my love 3:45
    pamplemousse 1:38
    caprisongs interlude 0:25
    lightbeamers 3:31
    papi bones 3:40
    which way 2:02
    jealousy 2:39
    careless 3:36
    minds of men 3:24
    track girl interlude 1:42
    darjeeling 3:03
    christi interlude 1:03
    thank you song 3:28

    Overall runtime: 48 minutes.
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  16. I know I'll probably be dragged for even asking this, but is she actually working on an album album? Or is this that sort of 'mixtape' 'album' that holds us over for another 3 years...
  17. We don't know, but everything sounds fire, so who cares if it's a mixtape or an album.
  18. Tears in the CLERB! Cannot stop listening to this subtly-sad-but-still-serving-puss banger.
    And I'm 100% sure this EP will be the beacon of light to carry me until summer arrives.
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  19. Disrespectfully: Who cares? This is projected to be her longest studio effort in both track length and runtime, we've gotten a lead single and a music video, and we might be getting more content than the aforementioned soon, so clearly the lines between mixtape and album are blurred here.
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