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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. So we all know she is been working on her sophomore album..
    Probably (if we are lucky) - its gonna be released this year and its gonna include Oneohtrix Point Never on it..
    I am in desperate need for a second album from Twigs. For me she really represents the future in music.

    So lets have this thead started..

    God she is beautiful!
  2. Give birth to me in the woods and wrap me in scarves woven from spider silk while gays vogue around us and I worship a Dom daddy Queen.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Hopefully it's more LP1 and less MELISSA or whatever it was.
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  6. I'm ready to bust my ***** open to whatever she's willing to release, thank you.
  7. I just pray that we get more tracks like In Time, the fact that that one didn't take off is very unjust for her.
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  8. It's disgusting she isn't huge yet.
  9. For me she is (thanks God!) too experimental and eclectic to be huge (in the sense of appealing to the masses or having radio hits).. But to become huge a la Björk yes, she totally deserves it!
  10. I think the best part is the fanbase that she's built and her ability to perform pulls even a non casual fan in. Her music might not have universal appeal but she's captivating to the eye when she moves on stage.
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  11. I want her to become this generation's Björk. Her music is so artistic and fresh but she still appeals to a rather wide audience. LP1 was fantastic yet I still think there's room to grow. Whatever she does next, I'm sure it'll be wonderful.
  12. Good To Love is my favourite song of the year so far. It's not overly representative of her style though so I'm not sure which direction this album will go in.
  13. This is how I felt about her since the very start. There is no doubt her artistry and Björk's have different natures but they share the same ability to synthesize a deeply idiosyncratic vision with the doings of the most exciting collaborators. I bet twigs is how '90s Björk must have felt like.
  14. She's more a mix of Sade and Bjork for me, to be honest. As captivating, effortlessly sensual, evocative as the former with the eclectic experimentation and massive vision of the latter, overall damn brilliant. I'm so excited to see what she shares this era.
  15. For me she has musically nothing to do with Sade but she is more like Björk meets Sylvie Guillem meets Aaliyah doing acid jazz.
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  16. I think in order for her to reach bjork levels of amazing, she needs to dip into the more commercial side of things for a bit and get giant that way, then she can go back to be more experimental. Bjork had her 'pop' moment for a bit, and its why she's properly huge. I feel like she could easily do it, but I do appreciate her immense creativity. LP 1 was solid gold.
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  17. This Allure interview was a fascinating read. Although it makes me wonder how "pop" she'll ever truly be.
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  18. If we're talking music, I don't think she has much to do with either Sade or Aaliyah. She definitely resents being labeled as R&B and denies the genre has that much of an influence on her. She thinks the association is made only because she's mixed-race.

    Björk's pop moments look pop in hindsight but they were considered quite experimental at the time. If we take context into account, LP1 is not a less accessible album than Post is. It was just probably easier for a certain kind of left-field artist to achieve chart success in the '90s compared to now. Twigs has worked with Paul Epworth and Rick Nowels before, so she's definitely unafraid of the mainstream. I wouldn't be surprised if she delved into those waters in a more straightforward way in the future.
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  19. For me sonically she is really closer to Björk - in the same way Björk collaborates with important artists but at the end of the day the result sounds totally Björkish and not (primarily) traced by her collaborator's.
    Same goes for instance with twigs and Boots ... delivering industrial rnb. Or Blood Orange or the ones you mentioned (Nowels etc): I dont think she will ever go truly straightforward pop.ish.. the most accessible she can go might be a la Good to Love.
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  20. None of us are that dense to associate her with those two artists because she's mixed-race. The Sade comparison is rather apt because her sexiness and sensuality is similarly understated, cool, and massively stylish. Musically, they are not too similar, but their inherent chill and reserve combined with a bewitching appeal to the fashion world seems to be on the same wavelength. As for Aaliyah, she is naturally a foremother because she was the most prominent creator of futuristic r&b. Her last album, particularly, is a template for any pop girl who has ever sounded as if she was fucking in outer space, something of which twigs has pushed to levels of eccentricity.
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