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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. That was a SHOW.

    The tap dancing at the beginning was a bit sis wyd, but once she started actually singing, it was a mesmerising experience. It felt more like a ballet-concert extravaganza than just an ordinary performance.

    I’m not sure about debuting songs live cause I feel the audience feels a bit lost, but she sold them. She really did.

    Home With You was the highlight for me and I was tearing up by the end.
    The whole mask thing felt like a continuation from Cellophane, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the next single.

    Can’t wait for the album now!
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  2. Damn, she's in a league of her own.
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  3. She’s such a fucking thrilling performer, my jaw was almost dismantled when she started swinging that sword and revealed that there was a band and set pieces behind the curtains all along. Gagfedt. Also these new songs... like what is she doing not releasing an album? It’s straight up album of the year material. They all went off and I didn’t realise just how strong of vocalist she’s always been until tonight. WHEW.
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  4. Sooo when is she putting out more music?
  5. Twigs:


    I love her but I swear to god I've had it with the pole dancing ig videos jhfghghaj
  6. I don’t get what this strategy is for this album?? The new stuff she performed on tour was outstanding.....what are we waiting for? She’s never going to make any chart impact so I just don’t see what point is?
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  7. Just came to post about how much "Cellophane" has grown on me in recent days thanks to sad twitter memes.
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  8. Well first off, FKA twigs making an impact on the charts? When did this ever happen? I mean, it's pretty clear to me that it has NEVER been her intention and I don't think anyone here expects her to have a #1 single or album. Critical praise? Yes, for sure. Success on the charts? Hum...

    Back in 2016, twigs played at a couple of festivals and performed three new songs ("Yes," "Youth Is Wasted" and "Wound Up"). Those songs were never released and probably never will be, and I even think that FKA twigs never meant for those songs to appear on some kind of an album or an EP. It has always been more than just music for/with her, it has always been about creating art, creating an experience and performing. The Radiant Me² shows she did during the summer of 2016 were its own thing. Her Soundtrack 7 residency was also its own thing. M3LL155X was a visual and musical experience. None of those things were "just about the music." The music with her is usually a part of a bigger ensemble.

    Over the years, I have learned that twigs was more of a performer than a recording artist. She actually rarely speaks of herself as a singer. She'll release an album when she wants to - regardless of the charts and the sales - but she doesn't have to. Her "strategy" has always been to deliver a full experience and with her it often happens through performing. It has never been about releasing singles, then an album and then doing some promo and going on tour. I believe that this time around the Mary Magdalene show is the full experience. Will she ever release the songs that is a part of those performances? I hope so and I personally think she will, but I also know that it's probable she decides not to. So don't expect an album soon, she still has two shows left to play in August and October, she might want to release the music after she's done with her tour.
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  9. Eh? Wasn’t that what I was saying. Mainstream artists will drip feed, push and pull back release dates for chart and sales impact. FKA isn’t that kind of artist so doesn’t need to, if there’s an album then why sit on it? Especially when she’s performed almost the entire thing.
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  10. I indeed misunderstood your previous post but now it makes much more sense. My bad! (however the second part of my post is still valid, she isn't releasing an album because she'd rather have people focus on the performance she put together instead of just an album)
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    But it would be lovely.
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  13. In a JD Sports promoting Nike.
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  14. See you soon? Probably another 3 date residency in a fancy theatre featuring music we'll never hear again.
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  15. Not about music: the trailer for "Honey Boy" is here! Her Oscar is coming!

    spoiler alert: she appears a total of 3 seconds in the trailer

  16. [​IMG]
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  17. [​IMG]

    but that i-d thing gives me hope!
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