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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. Everything

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  2. “Magdalene is still coming”
  3. The song is giving me Paradise (Not For Me) and Florence but I’m bopping. As long as Magdalene is still coming!
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  4. Wait at this description being amazing.
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  5. Not really feeling this. The video's nice though.
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  6. I’m seriously feeling this!!!
  7. Curse myself for having watched the live performance, because I absolutely loathe this version.

    What she chose for “artistic” direction for her voice distortion effect was absolutely a poor choice for this song.
  8. I absolutely love this. It´s almost like an ultra digitation of cellophane.
    The harsh contrast between the vulnerable piano, the almost kate bush-esque chorus melody and the cold vocoder effect, the digital distortion sounds...slowly building till they´re married in a final chaotic crescendo. I am living.
  9. So much better than the last single. This is on par with Cellophane for me. Brilliant.
  10. I really like the song, the video is, as usual, stunning.
  11. The scenes with the white clothing are giving me Midsommar, but make it fashion. I’m not mad at it.
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  12. After an emotional roller coaster kind of day, that outro didn't have to come so hard for me but it did, boy it did.
  13. Another winner from her. I love how the tension builds and then breaks so harshly the first time 90 seconds in. Beautiful.

    3/3 thus far, can’t wait for the record.
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  14. Stunning 10/10 talented show stopping incredible etc etc.
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  15. I love how ominous the verses sound and how it contrasts with the chorus that is very peaceful, and the last part of the songs is so, so, so beatiful.

    I am so excited to hear thousand eyes and daybed based on the descriptions
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  16. I won´t listen to the live snippets...
    but when they first surfaced i clicked on a tiny snippet of a song that started with an choir and it was very

    so I cannot wait for Magdalene.
  17. Why is she so mesmerising? At first I wondered what the hell I was listening to with Home With You. Now I can’t get enough. The video is a total triumph.
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  18. What a video and what a song. Whyyyyyyyy did she have to delay the album.
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  19. The first pre chorus might end up my favorite musical moment of 2019. Immense, powerful and strangely soothing yet devastating.
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